What I learned from working life

After the first month being a Systems Engineer had taught me a lot. No, I am not sharing about Solaris, UNIX or Bash scripting learning experiences. I am talking about life experiences.

Here are my thoughts:

#1 Your exam starts everyday

#2 There is no fixed path to your desired career destination or living condition, in fact you may not even have a clear path. You either lead yourself and create your own or you follow someone else’s footsteps, the latter, I highly do not recommend.

Yes, I do draw advice and experience from other people’s career footsteps, but these are purely for reference and thought.

You just need to go where the wind blows, that makes life more exciting albeit tougher due to circumstances and unknown unknowns.

#3 Yes, bell curve and performance-grade quota still apply to the corporate world. Despite all competition, remember to have fun and relate to people. Oh, you cannot submit appeal application forms. Because your performance grade translates into your performance bonus($$$).

#4 Enjoy your pay cheque and count your blessings, even if you are not in your dream job. Not everybody lands into their own corporate paradise the first try. If for one day you do not feel stretched, you are NOT growing. I once heard saying, “Why do we work? For the pay cheque and for weekends.” This is a very simple and primitive motivation behind all our work motivation. Hey, we are way beyond primitive thinking yes? Always find value and impact you create at work. If your work has no impact to the organization or creates value to the economy, why are you hired? 

#5 Every word, statement, action and consequences in the corporate world has two meaning. You need to be “street smart” to understand what it is. Which means to say, nothing is at face value. Do not be discouraged or be complacent based on what you hear and say. In the working world, result is the only visible differentiator. In order to perform even better, use your social intelligence. It’s important, I emphasize.