Coming up with my own quotes is my way of expressing and simplifying complicated thoughts, ideas and philosophies. Some quotes I came up with contains inspirational content from other people and from my life experiences. Quotes are also my response to certain events in my life.

[Last updated: 27 Nov 2011]

  • Be a novice at learning, be a master when teaching.
  • Sufferings in life is like running a marathon, you tend to focus on finishing the race and get stronger than being distracted and get weaker in your comfort zone. Don’t despise your sufferings!
  • For 200% return: Take some time to sow into other people’s lives instead of yours.
  • “The timeline of human is like an Array of Linear LinkList. That is why to make any insertion of the good and the deletion of the bad, it cost God His only Son.” (God and Computer Science)
  • Sometimes we have to give to gain, lose to win and humbled to be honored.
  • I am into the number 5 now. Number for Grace and number for CAP.
  • Arise and shine! Another day nearer to the joyous wine.
  • The world is the reality of God’s imagination and we couldn’t distinguish between the truth and the lie, the fact and the fiction.
  • God can never be an Economist because He does not have to make resource allocation and trade-offs in the face of scarcity.
  • Troubles & trials were like moments to God because moments are to be short and impactful. However, in human view; it often seem long.
  • If life is a box of chocolates, no wonder we are getting fat. Then again, not every pandora box is meant to be opened by humans.
  • Never say you are not important, the world will be imbalanced with your unnatural absence.
  • Love is a game of choice, life is a game of love.
  • Our life is made up of informed and uninformed choices, but essentially, it’s still our choice.
  • Leaders can still have a mindset of a follower, a follower can have a mindset of a leader. Leadership is not just acting upon actual authority, it can be implied too.
  • To prove a man’s true self, put him in power, in fame or in trouble.
  • The main ingredient for success is opportunity.
  • I am just but a basic man living in this advanced world. I am just but a simple mind competing in this complex society. I am just but an organized life in this disorganized ecosystem. I am just but an ingredient of this what this new world is cookin’.
  • Humans usually do not learn from their history, they learn from their own mistakes. How ironic. Do we still have the right to be the wisest species on earth?
  • We were supposed to be committed in making choices and not switching choices.
  • What is perception? It is local to our minds. What is perspective? It is a global perception – putting yourself in the perception of others, giving you new perspectives. -Perspectives are really a collection of perceptions.
  • To find a good woman is not easy, to be the good man is even harder.
  • You can steal my ideas, but you cannot steal my creativity.
  • Another way to say you are faithful to your girl : “I live my every fantasy on you.”
  • An alternative way to say “Marry me” -> “Can I be your last boyfriend in your life?”
  • “Even if there’s a wall in your heart, there will always be a window for my love to shine through..”
  • If you do not have setbacks during your school life, it’s either you never learn anything at all or you followed the rules too rigidly. You are in school to learn not just to succeed.
  • Sex is a by-product of intimacy. Not the other way round.
  • Be amazed at people’s achievements. Be amused at people’s misbehaviors. Be accepting at people’s imperfections. But, be convicted at being yourself.
  • Your man is different NOT because he is special but because he is really in love with you. He will never be a Mr. Right until he is madly in love with you.
  • If there is a Christmas Eve, where is her Christmas Adam?
  • Being responsible to yourself is being responsible to others.
  • Leadership by initiative! Not by appointment! And leadership is doing, not ordering.
  • Leadership is ownership, not participation. Leadership is relationship, not partnership.
  • Grievances only possess the past but not a future. Forgiveness, although still possess the past, it has a future.
  • Dare to challenge your teachers, textbooks and conventional wisdom..
  • Life is a staged performance and its performers have no script to follow but a heart and various stituations.
  • Men imagine too much, women think too much.
  • Re-arrange the word “Tried” and you get a “Tired”. Don’t try the same way over and over again and still expect different results, it’s insanity.
  • God gave all the easy problems to physicists and the difficult ones to people managers.
  • Do not be distracted by other runners overtaking you. For in the race, no one knows where you started and where is your destination. Be consistent and focus on your own end-point.
  • Although there is nothing perfect in this world, we can perfect our ability to adapt, live and let live, forgive and forget, work hard and relax.
  • We as men, should be responsible of how we respond to what we see.
  • Go ahead and wind down, you will feel sick of enjoying your own time and you will be back to your workaholic, determined state in no time. (Just take a break will ya!)
  • While all science can explain phenomena, not all sciences can explain their origins. (Still insist on being atheist?)
  • Trust your instincts, even if they are wrong in the end, you can learn. But, do learn from other people’s mistakes before you trust your instincts.
  • Inspiration comes from perspiration. Our brain needs to be on the move such as exercising & travelling in order to synthesize new ideas.
  • My take on the 10,000 hours practice theory: One must have a talent discovered before he can find interest on it and proceed on to practice.
  • Sometimes consistency is more innovative than innovation itself.
  • Organizations need to bring in fresh graduates in order to bring in new ideas, skills and dynamics to combat entropy.
  • I am not smart, I am just curious about many things.
  • Small people gossip about other people, mediocre people discuss about events, great people talk about bringing change and ideas.
  • There are numerous types and combinations of human intelligence. I have creative problem-solving, linking disparate ideas and processes, and a “randomness” intelligence. My mind wonders about many things and my mind wanders to all knowledge areas.
  • Well intention critics feedback on your work. Immature and bad intention critics attack on your personality. Know the difference and do not over-react!
    Whoever your critics are, you win the person over, not the argument. Winning an argument is narrow-minded and short-sighted. Winning a person is graceful and long-sighted.

  • Self-actualized person: Experience life to the full, live in here and now, trust their own feelings, independent, aware of society?s rules but do not accept without questioning, sensitive to needs and rights of others, spontaneous, appreciative of life?s wonders. (Abraham Maslow)
  • The day you stop asking questions is the day you stop breathing oxygen.
  • Organizations often focus at the end-results but neglect the importance of its people’s journey to maturity. Similarly, people don’t care how you are doing it, they only care what you did. In reality, you have to seek your own work’s reward within your own organization and/or from your own soul, not from the praises or appreciation of whom you served.
  • New friends are better than old enemies. Turn your enemies into friends if possible.
  • No, you have not seen the world, until you met me.
  • We don’t just pay for our life lessons, you fight for them.
  • In the world of givers and takers, there is also the Pareto principle. 20% of givers are often leeched and unappreciated by 80% of takers.
  • Exams are not meant to “kill”. They are meant to reinforce the concepts and techniques learned through out an academic semester. If a teacher really want to test a student rigorously, throw him into the real world. Bottom line: Knowledge is not equivalent to our real-world performance. Training is.
  • Always a lonely and misunderstood road to be great.
  • We die as an individual so our team can live.
  • The world is stable in its entirety but our perception and experience of it is often unstable, noisy and subjective.
  • It’s hard not to label or categorize things in this world. Perhaps we should have a greater spirit in attempting our human “taxonomy” of things. If we can’t convince the world, we can beat them at their own rules. In today’s less moral world, wisdom is not about being idealistic about something, it’s about being like a snake and exploit loopholes for the greater good.

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