Solutions Development

Solutions development which involves software, hardware and computer networking for the industry and/or for competitions.

Consumer Experience & Location Tracking
Title: Location tracking with wireless access points
Desc: This industry project aims to personalize customer briefing centre experience with location tracking.
-Tracking a particular VIP/Visitor with using RFID and Wireless Access Points.
-Allowing staff to know where exactly a VIP/Visitor is at the moment of time.
-Showing the most relevant advertisements upon arrival of VIP/Visitor
-Solution involves XML(IP Phones), JSP, Wireless Controllers, Light-weight APs, Switches, Application servers.

Computer Network Administration
Title: Multi-Vendor Network Configuration
Desc: This industry project aims to allow network administrators and configurators in managing a multi-vendor network environment involving different vendors/brands for Switches and Routers through a web GUI interface.
Solution involves PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript and Terminal Servers.

Sincere apologies! These are actual industry projects and cannot be publicly made available.
However, if you are interested to know more, please send me a message via


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