Analytical work and essays

I enjoy looking at the same topic with different perspectives and I often use diagrams to simplify these different perspectives.

Business Process Redesign

Customer Relationship Management
Analyse employee’s ethical situations
Non-Profit Org and Marketing Mix
Non-Profit Org versus Profit Org
Unilever and Malaria vaccine distribution system

Economic Analysis on Higher Education in Singapore
Is Singapore a success story?
A critique on an International Environment Agreements essay
Declining Birthrates in Singapore

Electronic/Mobile commerce
Mobile Payment in USA: BOKU

Is Zionism Inevitable?
Analysis on book title: “Technological Imperatives and America’s Civilizing Mission”

Info-communications Technology
Healthcare Connectivity and Patient Centricity
ICT Crime & Punishment

Information Technology Project Management
Rolling waves planning
Major causes in software project failures
People issues with Agile development
Project Management Plan for a Web Design & Development Consultancy

Marketing/Consumer Behavior
Flashpacking Trend Analysis
Market Intelligence
Video Gaming

Singapore and Press Freedom

Psychology report on mindfulness experiment

Security Engineering
Analyzing real world attacks
Engineer data sharing agreement
Explaining attacks on an online bank system
Reconnaissance attack and analysis

Social Media
Social Media Monitoring


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