Still Finding My Shoreline

We have been told to find interest and passion in the work we do, bla bla bla… (Sounds easy but actually NOT)

When some interviewer asked if I am a driven and motivated individual, I gave an honest answer. “It depends if I can see the shoreline.” Companies may help you see that shoreline but most of time we need to manage on our own.

Who defines this shoreline? Most of the time is us, but we may take a while or will never find it. Lucky for some, it may be their successful parents or some high-society mentors.

This morning, I have been trying to convince myself that no matter what job I will take up while finding my shoreline, I must find my own interest and passion for the present job and I should be grateful I have a decent paying job. What I like to do may not be directly tied to my KPI but at least it’s something I can be a reputation for.

Instead of planning and thinking where that shoreline is, I would like to think that

  • “Any work experience is still a life experience”.
  • And with a home and family to sustain, I should keep swimming knowing every stroke I pull is every cent I make to sustain my life.
  • For those with children, I believe they are even more resilient in their lives because they have a new purpose in life.

The above two thoughts should comfort most of us when it comes to finding our Job-Fit or “Shoreline”.

I wish everyone luck in finding their life’s purpose – which also mean your work’s purpose.

How I view fulfilling work:

  • Able to fight and extinguish “workplace fires” periodically on your own abilities. This makes us feel we are valuable.
  • Knowing you have been occupied working towards something and achieve Bedgasm and the “Weekend Euphoria”. Be it a presentation, preparing for a pitch, making 20 sales calls, or complete a course, etc.
  • You have a good personal/working relationship with people within and without your company.

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