How winning is done

“it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!” (Rocky Balboa)

It has been a year since I written my thoughts. I like to record things down, had a habit of recording every nitty gritty monetary transaction on my Toshl finance app. I like the way I can review my actions and transactions. 

My 2014 resolution is not to buy any new video games while I clear my backlog. At the same time, I track the game prices I wish to purchase and see what’s the pricing trends for 2014. This is to help me understand the lowest price point and never buy that particular game higher than that price point – I have time, I can wait it out. 

We live in a hyper- and over-marketed world. It’s good discipline to tune our human brains and senses not to respond to certain marketing triggers: For example, the scarcity trigger, “Last day of sale!”. Btw, I am a marketing skeptic but not cynical. I do have empathy but I am also well aware of how people can use emotions against us. I am quite proud to be a versatile person, when I need to be nice and gentle, I can do so. When I need to fight for my rights, I gladly take up the call.

Was thinking a lot about moving on in my career after a short 1 year in my current company. I am thinking of growing faster and stronger. I need a big jump in my career growth.

The thoughts of having a stable job plagued my dynamic personality in seeking out a more rewarding career path. I realized I have been fighting hard through my academic days and done very well to my astonishment. However, when I finally made it to a local university, I felt I have reached my destination. Yes, I gotten a scholarship but that’s more of a financial relief, I am not the smartest in class, I had a rough first year in College and nearly got my scholarship renounced. That feeling of “show hand” seems to turned the tide. I told myself, “Forget about the scholarship, I want to enjoy learning!” If I fail, whatever, why should I feel I am stupid just because I couldn’t attain a certain grade point to maintain my scholarship? 

What happened? During a crucial semester, I relaxed myself, I even dated for a partner. I studied the best I could, I MADE it (Scholarship maintained).. the rest is history… I am gunning for a better Honours grade.. 

I made another gamble but it didn’t worked out too well. Instead of using one of my semesters to attain a better Honours grade, I chose student exchange in Sydney. I felt an overseas experience and life experience is 100x better than absolute grading numbers. I thought if I were to fight harder with my remaining semesters, I could attain my desired Honours grade.
(I am not a gambler actually, I maintain an excel sheet to predict and target grades I needed)

Oh well, I was just 2% away from my targeted final grade score!

In my recent introspection, I was thinking what made me want to stay in my current job and not move out for better opportunities. It’s stability and comfort.  I was afraid to fight again, and this time it involves money and my livelihood. Perhaps I have been fighting a lot during my academic years, I was tired. I thought I have arrived – gotten a stable job.

Success is not a destination, it is a journey. I garnered my courage and fighting spirit and am ready to fight for my big career. I refuse to stay comfortable, I refuse to bury my potential, I refuse to let small thinking dictate the rest of my life. I am moving on.


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