Leaving 2012 behind

It had been a hectic end of month for myself. During my last semester in NUS (August to December), I had been preparing and going for job interviews, hoping to land a decent or dream job before I officially graduate. Even during examinations period, I was called for interviews. Effort was paid off and I got my very first job!
Just before the day I fly to HongKong for a holiday, I signed the contract. Staying 6 days in HongKong and 2 days in Macau was more of sight seeing and tasting the food of the land and culture. I realized I am particularly interested in historical sights and sight-seeing, and sand and beaches if they have for a holiday. It had been rather tiring walking around cities. I prefer to enjoy nature at different parts of the world. This shall be my next trip.

After I came back from HK, I have to settle various stuff and that includes gaming! Ok, I know I won’t have the time to play when I start work on 2nd Jan 2013, but this is still my interest. Anyway, come to think of it, everything was in a rush for me. School, exams, job interviews, holiday, etc…

I just want to say I forgotten about 2012, I couldn’t remember the milestones of 2012 but thankfully to Facebook, they gave a review based on what I posted.
I think the good thing about me is, I can easily let go of the past. But that is easy unless I have something to look forward to.

I just want to say that, I am grateful for the education I received thus far and I am leaving all my old learning habits and methods behind. Once I start work, that would be a new set of education I will be receiving. When I am married and have kids, that’s another education for myself. When I “retire” and become old, that is another education for me.

Whatever lousy events that happened in 2012, it will be gone, they become stepping stones for life. For the enjoyable and loving events in 2012, they become the reminders of what I am fighting and holding on for 2013.

That said, neutralizing the past and expectations for the future, remember to experiment and try new things in life!

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