New directions

Sometimes, life can be better when you leave it to nature to run its course. There is nothing to regret about if you have made the best effort hoping for the best result but in the end, you didn’t get the best outcome.

You thought you know what you really want in life until… a closed window shuts at your face.. then you realized, “ah, that window is so small and inappropriate for me to pass through..” and then you start thinking the difference between windows of opportunities and doors of destiny…

A delay is not a denial, closed windows of opportunities aren’t as devastating as it seems.. because every rejection is a new direction…

In life, we have to meet with “accidents” or slam “against the walls” before we wake up to our unrealistic or unsound stupor. It is easy to say we are independent of what others say, but in reality, we may be quietly and unknowingly molding into what others think is right or the best.

So turn around and see for yourselves, that closed windows of opportunities do open doors of destiny, and finally correct your own course of life.

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