Nature: Windows of Opportunities

A thought came to me this morning, associating the pursuit of opportunity and rain.

I woke up at 7am, woken up by my handphone’s alarm. I intended to do a morning run and thought it would be okay to surf around the Internet till 8am, have my breakfast and run at 9am-ish.

The weather looked good through out my initial waking hours. When I was about to leave home, I realized the skies were grey. I had high hopes that I would be able to make my morning run happen before the rain starts. In fact, it didn’t looked like it is going to rain any moment sooner.

Walked a short distance from my home to the usual lake I run at and felt droplets of rain. (DAMN!)

I remained optimistic and continue my faith-walk to the lake. Within crossing-the-road’s distance to the lake, I decided to back out and walked back. While walking back, I was disappointed, a little angry with the skies. But I convinced myself that I could do the run in the evening instead. When I reached home, it poured like it was mocking at my failed attempt for a morning run! (DAMN x2)

Life lessons connection:

1. Identify opportunities early and ACT on it! Do not procrastinate! Life is as exciting as unpredictable it can be. Enjoy life, enjoy unpredictability and contingencies.

2. Know when to stop pursuing a specific window of opportunity. Do not cross the no-return line just for that opportunity unless it’s a life and death situation. It is precisely a window, it is not meant to be taken last minutely and cost you overly dearly. So, aim very high but when you miss an opportunity, your vision or goals are still above the majority.

3. Be versatile and identify patterns of opportunities knocking in your life. Make it a point to plan escape routes. I took another route to University (plus my determination to get a scholarship), it takes stamina, vision and down-to-earth hard work. And more importantly, PATIENCE. We all have to pass through time, so make time your best friend and savor every moment even if it’s uncomfortable. I often tell myself to enjoy difficult moments in life, because I do not want to miss the lessons to be learned. (Unless I am being tortured forcefully, things will be different) :p

4. Enjoy detours, you might soak up new lessons, skills or meet new people when you have to make a detour. 

5. Have fun conducting life-experiments. Take it easy, people wouldn’t remember your embarrassing moments for long, trust me. It is often ourselves who judged ourselves too harshly. (Unless you committed a hideous crime) 

That said, I leave you with a quote I thought of:

“If life pours on you, consider it a free shower to get you clean-up for the next phase of life.”

When life pours on you...


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