First day of school in 2012

Amazing start of the school term with the first lecture of CS4880: Digital Entrepreneurship.

I feel I am in a room full of highly motivated, driven and talented people with a passionate and seasoned Entrepreneur cum lecturer passing on his knowledge, and inciting our creative juices and critical thinking.

The lesson starts from 1830 to 2130 every Monday and I only had an earlier lunch. I didn’t feel hungry during the lecture but only when I had bathed, brushed my teeth and sat in front of my computer!

Alright, need to sleep soon and start my day with a morning run tomorrow. (Aiya, forgot to buy food for daily breakfast)

Before I sleep, I have to set my personal goals for 2012. The past is always colorful and/or filled with mistakes. But the future is always a clean slate! Therefore, in this clean slate of 2012, I would aim to:

Set a theme for 2012: The Reading year. I want to read more books.

1. Be humble. No matter how much I had personally achieved, I mustn’t flaunt it unless it’s a job-related matter like interviews. To be honest, it’s a conscious effort to stay humble and it takes practice!

2. As usual for all NS MEN, clear my IPPT and get Silver in standard (My standing broad jump is the ONLY obstacle for my $200 incentive!)

3. Reach my targeted CAP for the year. (And of course, maintain my scholarship)

To do all these?
a. I must learn to say NO. I am an easily excitable person, I need to focus and not digress in my 2012’s goals.

b. In order to do well in my 8MC project (which relates to my CAP), I must brush up my programming skills in Java and take up Groovy Grails. I heard students are forced to use Groovy Grails for their project module! (Funny eh)

c. Work hard on weekdays even if it’s a free day. Read more than usual and do not digress with other activities. Only module-related activities on weekdays. BUT, get to rest on weekends.

d. Have a 3x running regime per week as before, if possible, a daily running habit. I have got myself a 2 day week for this semester!

Last but not least, in order to gain something, you have to lose something: Less game playing or purchasing (although it can be a form of retail therapy).

Goals for 2012 is set. But before I know it, I am back at my old ways, so I got to devise a system to remind myself.

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