Memories of OZ

What would I remember the most during my 5.5 months stay in Sydney? We all know memories will fail us at some point of time, so I would like to write them down NOW.

(In random, whatever that comes my mind)

1. Surfing (on the waves!). I will not forget the experience, it’s huge in Australia but too bad I am not in Queensland. I tried to buy a surfing board keyboard but couldn’t find it! I went to Paddy’s market and I was told they will be sold in Queensland because the surfing culture there is stronger? Is that true? But whatever it is, I will never forget that surfing is like one of the big sports in Australia.

Oh, and I am one of the very rare learners to wear spectacles while surfing! HAHA!

2. Very affordable mangoes, strawberries and blue berries. The ever-on-sale potato chips and unique flavors not sold in Singapore such as Vegemite. Bad thing is, Bananas are VERY expensive. Good thing is, it’s on discounts now.

3. The liberty that business and OZ’s people have while expressing themselves. But the not so good point is that this encourages more nuisances on streets and even crimes. I seen lots of drunken people on the streets, and also people asking for money(which I did donate out of a good heart), I was also briefly “harassed” by 2 young boys while within 50 meters to my home. And that’s why I always bring something I can defend myself with. I had also learned that the world is dangerous no matter what we believe in, you just have to survive.

4. The Internet technologies in OZ doesn’t seem to very advanced. Many connectivity and speed issues while I am surfing the Net in my home. You can imagine I have difficulties uploading photos into this blog post!

5. I truly appreciate the presence of Chinatown(s) everywhere in the world. It’s somewhere you can go and belong to. Admit it, no matter how religion or world organizations try to advocate for equality, there isn’t true equality (sometimes we can see biasness ANYwhere in the world) until everyone believes in ONE thing. The issue is, everyone has different beliefs and convince-ability threshold. But it is not about equality that we should strive for, it is the embrace-ability of every culture and expressions of society! Yes?

6. The jogs and runs along the coast. Especially from Coogee beach to Bondi beach. The beaches in OZ are really beautiful too! I have not been to Queensland’s yet, leaving them for future. (To combat the principle of diminishing of returns)
I will not forget a lot of Australians are into physical health. I think it’s their desire to look good. As in Asia, it’s their desire to live good in terms of education and status.

7. The dogs in Australia! I see lots of dogs in Sydney at least. Many dog owners! You just have to step out of the house for 5-10 minutes, you will bound to see a dog. (Okay, maybe because I live near Coogee Beach)

8. Irresponsible people(Staff and students alike) who smoke in campus OPENLY. It’s an academic institution, research and inventions, leaders and future come from schools. By polluting the campus, it’s an insult to the intelligence and health of the community. I am not against anyone smoking, but at least not in the campus. This, I must be very grateful I stay in Singapore where the Executive arm of law and order is very strong. Although there are incidents where students smoke in NUS, but that’s very rare. I even caught a security guard smoking in NUS. But at least not all the time, 98% of the time in NUS, I can be sure I will NOT inhale any cigarette pollutants. Car and industrial pollutants are more useful than cigarettes, at least they serve the society as a whole. Unless, you are telling me smoking is helping our present “Einsteins or Thomas Edisons” to invent something for the society, maybe I can accept that.

9. The reading culture is pretty strong here as well. I like books a lot.

10. It’s a relax community, family oriented (perhaps that’s why we see so many family pets like dogs) and everyone’s friendly. (Not all the time of course.)

11. I like the weather here, not humid.

12. The natural parks for bush walking, there are many nature reserves and parks in Sydney. I am sure there are many of these in any part of Australia. I like the nature a lot and I am sure Australians do.

13. Speaking of nature, Australians are also big on water sports (Okay, Surfing is one of them). But I am referring to Sea Kayaking and Diving. I went sea kayaking at Byron Bay and I see wild dolphins close up. That was a really good experience.





14. Not forgetting Australia’s Wild life parks and aquariums! Blue mountains (The world’s steepest train track) and also Snowy mountains (Skiing)











In conclusion, I like how I can be free to enjoy any activity on Nature (Surfing, Sea Kayaking, Jogging and having a smile on pet dogs), with not much humidity to worry about and fueled by affordable mangoes, strawberries, blue berries and potato chips!

If not because of friends, I wouldn’t have made it this far.


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