Surfing #3

Just completed my 3rd official surfing lesson from Let’s Go Surfing (LGS). I had previously done 6 hours of surfing (Byron and Maroubra) prior to signing up for a formal surfing class with John and Zijun. Today’s lesson was one of the best because I can stand up most of the time and at least catch some waves myself. There’s so many things to learn and do when you are surfing. Looking out for waves, making sure your board is in the right angle, looking for rips, looking for other people, and also trying not to go “in between the flags”. Marked by RED and YELLOW stripes, these flags act as a safety zone for swimmers. Certain areas for what we call rips, where water gets pulled out from the shallow sand and this can be dangerous for non-confident swimmers. But for surfers, it’s good to have rips. They are like “chair-lift(Skiing)” bringing out to the sea quicker and then cut through the rips perpendicular and catch some waves. John and I got caught in some good photo shots too. Zijun didn’t attend the last lesson. Anyway, the photographer is a female marketing Intern from France for LGS! Haha, didn’t know there’s intern position for LGS.

So, the entire 2 hours was like a breeze, we brave against the waves, try catching the waves and standing up in style, at times we just got washed up on shore mercilessly and we dragged our boards again near the flag area. The flagged (“In between the flags”) areas are the best areas! But they were all reserved for swimmers. If you go in there, you might be warned, “loud-hailer” at, or even have your surf board confisticated.

Yup, so all was fun and good and I feel really happy after getting in touch with the sand and sea. I believe exercising really makes one happier. [Surfing photos will be up on FaceBook soon]

I also truly felt the passion the Australians have for sports and especially surfing. Our instructors say surfing clears your mind. I guess that’s true, we need to pay attention to the sea. The sea is ruthless and have no mercy, it washes anything and everything up ashore. So pay attention!

I think one of my best experience in Australia is surfing. And my stay here in another land caused me to want explore other cultures and countries more than ever. The world is so huge and most of us instead of appreciating it and get over petty matters, we looked inside of ourselves and think we are center of the universe.


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