Don’t think you are insignificant

Sometimes I hear or read about people who feel they are insignificant and became dejected, depressed or even suicidal.

This late morning, I went to Coogee Beach to have a run. I ended up only running and walking 4 times along the beach. Coogee beach is small so it’s not too bad. I was barefooted, holding my Havaianas in one hand while doing the run-walk. Sometimes, sea water gushes up and gently soak my sole. At other times, the waves played catch-up when they hit the shallow sand trying to make contact with my bare feet.

When I decided I am done with this run-walk, I sat at some stone waves breaker (Like a stone wall to act as a boundary to the sea water). I sat on its ledge and observed the seagulls. Most of them were gulping in sea water, some were cleaning themselves and some were just swimming in the shallow water. I literally observed them.

And a thought came into my mind, animals (ignore domesticated pets) are so much less significant than us. Who would observe seagulls, who gives attention to them? Not many and not much.

In school, our academic performances were monitored, at home our parents look after us, in our social circles, friends emulate you, in the public, people look at you (no matter what you think about yourself).

So why would you say you are insignificant? At least you are more significant than any animal below the Homo Sapiens “hierarchy”.

The next time you say you are insignificant, go to the beach and observe the animals, the abandoned washed-up shells, and tell yourself someone’s watching over you. (At least the beach lifeguards are)

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