Reaching the finishing line

It’s the end of week 12 and most lectures had ceased except the remaining last tutorial sessions next week. Week 13->Study week->2 weeks exam followed by a short trip to Tasmania and I will be back.

It was a tiring day as I slept at 2am last night to finish up on the IT Project Management group assignment. I didn’t sacrifice sleep for academic work anymore because I know it’s not going to help me do better. Instead, I slept less and have just enough energy to guide the project to completion today with the rest of my team members.

As usual in our group meetings, hilarious things happen when Singaporeans (Andrew and I) work with the Russians(Alex and his gf Aska). Most of the time, it was Alex and I arguing about things always in a constructive manner.

When we have finally completed our report (by faith and hope), we went to the a lab in School of Computer Science and Engineering for printing. A lot of commotion going around between the Russians but we got it print out right. It was about 10-15minutes before 5pm(our submission deadline).

So, Andrew and I were to go to a printing shop for binding, Alex came behind us in a distance and shouted(not in angry manner) to the right direction. We had so much mis-communication, we all were stuck in the middle of the International Square and University Mall “streets”. I keep repeating, “we got to bind this.” and Alex was saying,”Just come with us..”. In the end when Alex couldn’t convince me, he shouted(not in an angry manner), “Davis! You run here now!” while pointing in at the space at his feet. That was hilarious!

So, I budged and followed him. And when I ask what about binding, Alex said, “We have friends..” Alright, they have friends and the report was stapled together and the stapler was found in an office. In my old Singaporean kiasu kiasi competitive mindset, we should present our report the best we could, like binding the pages!

Well, not the Russians. They rather keep the deadline and sacrifice on presentation, since they believe the content is good enough to earn some good marks(I do hope so too).

The truth is, no one is to verify if you submit your report by 5pm. It’s just an assignment storage box! So, we were still debating if we should bind the report. Our final decision was to find a folder so we can slot in the report and a thumb drive (was mine) storing the soft copies of our project. So, Alex with his connections, ran away and came back with a file. Haha, submission done!

We even took pictures at the assignment box to be evidence we submitted our report. Before we part from each other, Alex held up his hand at our torso level and Andrew went to shake it. But Alex wanted a group “whoosh” and so we place our hands on top of one another’s and Alex said, “WIN!”


2 thoughts on “Reaching the finishing line

  1. i laughed heartily as i read your blog. This is singaporean, must be presentable. So different from what i had seen so far, china & japan. Ms kuah visited Japan preschool, they used handwritten material, such as rhyme, word cards or labelling. Here, the professional said everything must be neatly typed when mrs lo wrote a square small “n” it must be round & curve like this “n”.

    My portfolio must also be neatly typed, so earth unfriendly

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