The russians

It was a really tiring day. I didn’t realize the weariness only when I got home by about 8pm after routine bath. Early in the morning, Peter and I went for swimming followed by a 15minutes steam at the steam room by UNSW’s aquatic center (AKA Swimming pool).

Later that, we had lunch and went to the library. He was studying and I was waiting for my group mates to arrive as we were to finish up a major component of our Project Management group assignment. It was fun with the Russians. (SEP students from Russia, Alex and Aska who are attached to each other)

Sometimes we have communication barriers and we just laugh it off. Overall, we still can understand each other. I realized my knowledge about building websites was outdated and thanks to Alex, I have updated my knowledge about it but without experience yet. Apart from the two Russians and myself, Andrew, another fellow Singapore was in the group. What a coincidence.

It was a fruitful and mental depleting day as we discuss, question and done our Work Break-down Scheme (Gantt Chart) on MS Project 2010. It took us 4 hours plus to complete it and just in time to get out before the library closes at 6pm on weekends.

Finally, Peter, Alex, Aska and myself walked to Pizza Hut at Botany street and shared 2 medium sized pizzas. We walked back to school to have our pizza and we had a brief talk about Russia’s history, socio-political situation and the difference the people felt before and after the fall of Soviet Union. Russia has an interesting landscapes of all sorts: Nature, Politics, History and Ideologies, etc.

It was informative and exciting to hear the thoughts of the Russians themselves as we always have a one sided view on Russia as we were often exposed to Hollywood movies.

To be honest, I felt proud of being a Singaporean. Forget those nitty gritty foul attitudes we may have. But think about it, we are modernized but not westernized. We still hold on true to our ethnic values. I hope with many generations to come, we practice and hold on to our Chinese, Malay or Indian values even though the world became more “homogeneous” through globalization.

Let’s just remember this: We globalize because of survival and for economic gains due to the dynamic landscape of International economies. But, do not forget your origins, your culture, your real home.


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