Time surfs quickly

Been a real busy September and finally I could have a short breather. Spring was supposed to be here in New South Wales but I heard from my friends there isn’t really a Spring but just winter and summer. Maybe, for “spring”, it’s just a warmer winter.

Beginning of September was a one week Spring break and I went to Byron Bay for 3 days. The highlight was in each of the days I have been in Byron Bay. Day 1: Surfing with MojoSurf. Oh, I think it’s not really exciting, it’s tiring to always battle the whitewashed waves and then get on your board, position yourself, look behind for waves, paddle paddle and then when waves hit you, try to stand up and enjoy. Not easy. Worse than learning ice-skating or skate-boarding because waves are unpredictable but that’s the beauty of nature.

Day 2: Went to Nimbin. The hippies town of New South Wales or should I say whole of OZ? So I tried their “cookies” and it has a very subtle effect on me. I tried to test myself and spelled Steffi’s chinese name wrongly! I was in a constant daze and I whisper to my friend Peter while walking at a picnic place we were brought to. At night, Peter and I went to watch Rise of the planet of apes. Quite a nice show really. We bought some beer and pizza before the movie and debated on some serious stuff, I don’t even know why we were discussing about such deep stuff while drinking beer.

Day 3: Went sea-kayaking with the Dolphins at Byron Bay. It was the best itinerary of my trip because we really saw wild dolphins while kayaking. We couldn’t go too near them though.

I forgot which day we went to the Byron Bay LightHouse. Beautiful scenery while walking to the LightHouse. It’s not just the destination that’s important, the process is as important.

The next highlight is the school trip to Anna Bay and Port Stephens. I tried sand surfing at Anna Bay and it was fun and really sandy. It’s worse when it’s so windy with all the sand hitting you. Well, that’s nature. Secondly, we went to whale watch. We tried to track the humpback whale migrating up north (Queensland) but we were always at a distance. It’s hard to estimate and be very near the whale. But, along the way we saw lots of dolphins up close our vessel. On the way back, we saw sea lions “sun-tanning” on the rocks in the middle of the sea. Interestingly, how did rocks form in the middle of the sea?

So, for the month of September, I did my 2 surfing lessons at Bondi Beach with Let’s Go Surfing. John and Zijun were together with me. Today’s lesson was awesome, we went by the rip and then catch a big wave and try to learn how to stand. By the way, I walked/Ran from Coogee to Bondi Beach before my two surfing lessons. No bus was accessible to Bondi Beach, need to catch 2 buses. Consider that as a warm up. It took me about 55minutes? Roughly 6-7km.

Another highlight for September is that Fringe Season 4 started a week ago!

Oh, do look at the Facebook photos for Byron Bay, Anna Bay and Port Stephens.


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