Rethink culture, think global

[Random thoughts, didn’t re-organize thoughts to be congruent in this post]

We often like to generalize certain attitudes, mindsets and behaviors associated with different countries or cultures. Well, stop generalizing. If I have the chance, I would leave in a country for a year and move on to the next and probably write a book to document down what truly is human nature.

However, we all know the correct answer is “We are all basically human beings, having the same brain and functions but with different shapes and sizes manifested through our physical form”

So you think western countries are friendlier than Asian countries? Is that even a measurable hypothesis? Human beings are bad at several things, and one of them is estimation.

So you think you won’t get horned at when you are cycling in a western cultured road?
So you think other part of the world’s people wouldn’t push supermarket trolleys and leave them just outside their houses or apartments?
So you think only kids in certain countries smoke in the campus like nobody’s business?
So you think the quiet Asians will not disrupt people’s attention in libraries?
So you think only certain colors of people are “kiasu” and study real hard for exams?
So you think only certain people would lean their soles of their feet against someone else’s arm-rest of the chair?

Hey, it’s a global problem. Be alert, be careful, no matter how safe a country seem to be, always be careful of exceptions. Crazy people, violent behaviors, irresponsible and irritable people are everywhere on the globe. No country or society is perfect. It’s everywhere, it’s a spiritual and mental disease: Self-centered-ness and the “smart alex” attitude. No parent will teach a child to lie and be scheming but yet they picked it up themselves NATURALLY.

If there is a negative side BELONGING to everyone in this world like a deficiency in being considerate, then there must be a set of universal behavior that are positive and known to EVERYONE. Agree or not?

Wait a minute, do we even need to teach manners in an International scale, is there such a thing? We segment business behaviors and working cultures by Chinese, Indians, French, Germans, North Americans or Malays and that’s the reason why we attend courses different classes learning how to do business with different cultures.

For manners and being considerate to other people, do we in general go for ONE moral education class or do we go for different classes for different cultures?

Ofcourse ONE class is enough because desirable behavior is UNIVERSAL.

One thought on “Rethink culture, think global

  1. Your thinking is creative, your language is powerful. The article is very well written and smooth. It really brings out people’s inner personality. Things that i dun know how to express it, you did it all for me.

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