Took me quite awhile to learn how to spell Triathlon. I just realized I had been doing Triathlon training on a weekly basis. I cycle to school 4 times a week, (I leave one day to wear my jeans and Dr Marten shoes, to rest my bike gears and delay wear-and-tear on my sports shoes) swim once weekly and run approximately 10km on Saturdays.

I realized I begin to like sports or at least physical workouts more in Australia. Perhaps it’s the sports culture here that is strong and everyone is not ashamed of learning a new sport, cycling to work/school or even take a fitness run daily. Once I am out in a different environment, I feel like I had unleashed my inner adventurous spirit to work out, to learn new things (and not be shy to learn) and explore new places.

Been real busy with work these days, and will be even more busy in the days to come. Remember, being busy doesn’t mean you are being fruiful, so take time to rest, do silly things (but not life-threatening) to relax and give yourself a breather. We ought to enjoy learning and not studying for the sake of grades or status.

Having success in life starts from your physical, mental and spiritual health. No frequent late nights (apart from the fact sometimes people do make a lot of noises late at nights), eat the right food (variety, no picky taste buds) and exercise your heart!

Healthy heart = healthy mind!


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