How I truly appreciate small moments of relaxing

I am not a noisy person, generally. =)

I prefer instrumental, soft music than loud and “thumpy” rhythms. Our brain ain’t supposed to work with so much distractions around us.

It was a gloomy, rainy and EXTREMEly windy Friday. I took a bus back home because I wanted to avoid the cold cold wind. It had been a busy week and I appreciate a few hours on Friday for a movie and what not. Do my facial mask? (Alright, guys can do skin care too right) Especially all the sun, sweat and grim when we get into sports.

I finally got a loaned bike (Thanks for the amazing UNSW BIKE CLUB) with gears of course. Hanging that helmet of mine behind my bag whenever in school just gives me that awesome feeling of ,”He’s a cyclist, he’s sporty, he’s independent” feeling.

[My virgin experience] I “glided” home from school yesterday and was glad I became part of the road because it’s supposed to be safer as you are one of the many cars on road. I have not rode to school yet and I will give a trial this Sunday. Just test if my thigh muscles combined with the gears allow me to scale the slopes OUT OF COOGEE! Yes, Coogee is situated down the slopes and near Coogee beach. Nice.

Looking at my paper calendar, I have something to hand in EVERY week. EVERY WEEK. I think it’s worse than NUS. But it’s alright, I enjoy learning anyway. I wish I have more than 24 hours a day so I could invest some time reading my textbooks. We can NEVER finish reading the textbooks within the current semester, or at least we can NEVER absorb everything. Most things came to me intuitively, certain things just made me work harder and I am worried about the engineering module I am taking despite it being more theoretical.

Let me just unwind and get on with work tomorrow. 2 more weeks to Spring break and we students know, once we hit Spring break, we are on a down slope to the end of semester. And for myself and some, 2 weeks of backpacking and we are flying back home!

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