Busy past week

Been busy last week and I felt like I had been settling well. At least going to school, know what buses to take to some places.

I wanted to write more but I got tired suddenly, settling some stuff. Haha.

Well, it’s raining quite heavily and since 5pm? This is the first time I see such rain after I arrived at Sydney.

Modules are some what settled and now I got few things to settle. Text books!! My gosh, how expensive. Finding other alternative though.

Okay, I have decided to cycle to school and am looking for a second hand bike and at the same time queuing up to get the school’s rental which is darn cheap and it’s almost free. Wow.

I find UNSW’s clubs and societies very vibrant, a lot of passionate people in the clubs and they don’t do it for CCA points, but they do it because they love what they are doing.

Had a real busy week because of going out with my NUS friends, settling modules in school and attending orientation. Their orientation is real different. First day, a trip to Sydney Aquarium, some went to Manly, some went to Wild Life, etc. Sydney Aquarium is really good! Big big tanks and heaps of diverse sea creatures.

Got used to staying here, Internet’s isn’t that good and I suspect is the wireless strength. I had given some tips to our caretaker, Barton and I hope wireless repeaters can be installed to boost signals around our 3 storey high dormitory. The place I am staying is worth a lot of money, I meant the property value. It’s very near a famous tourist beach called Coogee Beach. The beach and sea is beautiful! I really enjoy the scenic view when running along the beach. I really appreciate nature’s beauty and that’s what I want to achieve: By visiting as many natural beauties in Australia.

Oh! Sydney Opera House is very beautiful too, especially the night view of Sydney Harbor Bridge. What a perrrrfect spot to bring your significant other and enjoy the quiet and beautiful sea view looking across Sydney Harbor Bridge light up in the velvet black sky.

I am also excited about school because I really want to learn from UNSW. A new academic experience I would say. I am also very excited to cycle because we can’t really do that in Singapore! Cyclists are allowed to cycle along cars and on the roads. Okay, I will be careful and will always choose the walkways.

Coogee isn’t that far from UNSW but it’s still a distance. Thankfully, my lessons doesn’t end late except one day, in that way I can cycle back and forth. Except for one day I will take a bus back because it’s dark. The sun sets at 5pm and rises at 7am. Shorter day-time, makes me feel sleepy the past week but am getting used to it.

As for the weather, I am getting used to it too except it’s drying my skin.

Went to the school’s gym today. It was awesome! Friendly fitness instructors you can seek advice from and you will never feel shy to try out different exercise machines and exercises. I believe it’s privately managed and there’s membership fees. I will be enrolling myself to Judo classes, learn something new and useful.

So… in a nut shell for my personally, I will be looking forward to

-Learn from UNSW and also learn the essence of each module I am taking.
-Travel around the city and to school by a bicycle. (Maps were actually given out for free at the UNSW Bike Club and they provide maintenance for your bikes every Tuesdays 12-2pm. A kind free-will donation will be great, and I will definitely donate because I can’t take things for free all the time)
-Visit the major natural attractions in Australia.
-Learning Judo for fitness and self-defense.

Btw, my group of friends and I are going to the Snowy Mountains for skiing. My first time and I don’t know what to wear, seriously. Let me think, no worries.


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