In Coogee Bay Road

Just arrived at New South Wales on Friday. Was a busy two days as me and my new found friends explored the neighborhood and Sydney Central. Each time I am back, I was tired and didn’t feel like doing anything. It was better today because we are back at about 4pm?

The sun sets at 5pm and rises at 7am during Winter (Or is it all the time). Shorter day-time definitely.

I take some photos to document where I go, but there are places I have yet to take pictures of because I went for a jog by Coogee beach coastline and did not bring a camera.

I hope you have facebook to see these pictures as I give descriptions on these photos and wouldn’t want to upload a second time onto WordPress.

Generally, the things are slightly more expensive at Coogee. It’s a well known tourist spot and I believe the wealthy stays here – BY THE BEACH.

Further up will be Randwick, Bondi and to school and then to Sydney Central and then to Airport,etc. Coogee beach is the eastern end of New South Wales. As how I interpret it by looking at the map.

So, please see photos from Facebook!


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