Crystal Green

Farewell Singapore!  –For about 5 months.

I went down to “Jurong Lake” near my block and had a last good run before I leave for New South Wales.

I missed the smell of the plants and the small talks with the trees while gazing at the birds while running. I fell in love with nature again, and felt the responsibility upon me to take personal responsibility to care for this earth.

Whenever I see anyone smoking in the park, littering or doing anything disrespectful to nature and to others, I felt sad and angry, as if I can feel how nature irks these heinous acts of mankind. Anyways, why smoke in a place where people are here for a health activity? Dumb. Selfish. Narrow perspective of life.

Also, I always like to imagine, some smokers can be responsible and considerate, but most of them do 3 things in common: Pollute environment and harm others, litter with their ciggie butts and their ashes and spit saliva onto the ground(not all).  The worse is, at the comfort of your home, you can get a generous sharing of someone else’s smoke. Maybe next door or somewhere near you. Well, to enjoy nature or not is one thing, to get the best out of nature(natural wind by opening windows and doors,etc) is another. If the smokers like ciggie-ing so  much, close their windows and doors tight and smoke, why waste their exhaled smoke. Yes? Oh, because it’s exhale, it was meant to share it with the environment. How nice.

The trees, plants and animals share the same earth as we do. Some of them were unfortunately planted near polluted places to help clear the air, some were lucky and were planted to make a greenery landscape. In any case, shall we all respect nature and be sensitive to their needs? We over-used nature and we vandalized nature, what more can we do than give a little concern about our biological counter-parts?

We were here to dominate and rule heaven (skies and beyond Earth’s atmosphere) and earth(surface and below surface and seas) and yet we harness them without responsibility. It was never about us using earth’s resources, it was always about irresponsible capitalism, unethical marketing that shaped the minds of man to be impatient, impulsive and irresponsible.

Go to the nature, parks, hiking (bush-walking), beaches, etc. -Appreciate the natural time and tides that nature gave to us as a guiding posts to govern this earth.

I got a feeling as we move faster and faster in our pace of life, we will reach a point where we will go backward in order to prevent a catastrophe happening human history. Human evolution is like fashion, it’s a cycle, certain fashion comes back, disappears and it comes back again. However, in this case, we had harnessed our knowledge, science, technology and nature with alarming speed that we broke the natural cycle.

Be at peace with yourself, before you speak about world peace.

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