Mankind evolves often

I know, we had always been evolving. In our fashion, our attitudes, our methods and approaches to various things in life.

As man gets more and more convenience from man-made technology and faster access to answers from the World Wide Web, man became less patient, less loving, less considerate, less generous and less responsible.

That is when we get more for ourselves, we became less for others.

These symptoms can manifest in various ways. Some were unknowing to these symptoms, some were well aware of their less-loving nature but they just can’t be bothered.

I was in the movie theater earlier this week and I realized few primary-school-looking kids came in and out of the movie theater in the middle of the show. I believe they went to the toilets. That wasn’t a bothering issue, the bothering issue is they do not bother to close the theater’s doors after they came back in.

As I was sitting close to the doors (upper portion of the theater), I couldn’t bear with the noise outside of the theater and the light that came in, I went to shut the doors.

Another older looking lady went out of the theater but she bothered to shut the doors! Well, at least not tight enough but this is called common-sense and courtesy!

I was really concerned what would become of the next generation, would they still exhibit such low self-consciousness and little public awareness when they grow up? This country will be filled with ungraceful young people and they might become the leaders and educators of this country. But, nonetheless, I hope for the best.

Next incident, I was guilty and upset with myself  because my baby got hurt.

Derrick, Shailendra, Steffi and myself went to East Coast Park for cycling on Saturday. Steffi and I took the double bike. Everything was fine, I was careful and vigilant on the track. Steffi got used to it and she trusted me.

Just when we were about to reach the bike station for returning, there was this young girl who came out to the right of the track cycling ever-so slowly. I tried to warn her to give way with many many bell rings, she didn’t budge. She looked distracted and oblivious to her surroundings. As my mind was expecting her to give way, I couldn’t think of any other reactions and I stopped the bike just before I hit her back tire. I didn’t know why I didn’t put my leg out to support the bike, I just fell with the bike and poor Steffi behind me fell together. It’s not easy to brake a double bike especially in short notices because there are two persons on the bike.

I was really angry with that irresponsible lady. When she knew we fell behind her, she continued her that irritating relaxed, “I am in my own world” look to us. It didn’t even occurred to her that she was the cause of this sudden accident. Poor Steffi got a deep abrasion and cut on her right knee while my was just like a scratch – I wore a longer berms.

I really wanted to chase after her and give her a good scolding. – Oh well, I should not say chase, she is cycling ever-so slowly, I can just crawl and catch up with her. I was too concerned with Steffi that I didn’t want to leave her alone and confront that irresponsible lady (perhaps late teens or early 20s).

While Steffi was cleaning up at a toilet area, I saw the same lady, I had another rush to go over to scold her but I didn’t. As usual, she gave that 5kmph speed ride and who knows how many accidents she might have caused.

Yet another case of no common-sense and no public awareness.

1) If you would like to cycle on the right out of the sudden, please look for traffic behind you.

2) If you were to cycle like a snail, please do it near the curb, grass, pedestrian track or to the left.

I really hope people have more common sense, educated in some basic physics and have a more loving and responsible attitude towards others.

Well, as what the bible had prophesied, “that man became loveless and lovers of themselves only.”

After this incident, I was more determined not to let anything happen to Steffi. I can’t guarantee that, but I make sure I will be more aggressive in protecting her, of course in a wise way and not with impulse. That will also motivate myself to keep myself more healthy and fit.



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