Another step towards SEP

Time flies! Next week is my last full week before I fly over to UNSW (NUS Student Exchange Programme).

Been busy spending time with my love ones, my free wheelie project (for the NUS community) and downloading journals as part of my job in NUS.

Just this Monday, went out with baby and I bought a Shayrer 75 litres backpack bag for my SEP. I decided to cut short my backpack trip from 1 month to 2 weeks as I think I will incur more expenses, man.. for 14 days I need to find a place to rest, clean up, etc. So, I decided to tour around West Australia another time.

Shayrer Front View

Today, I went for my IPPT. Every Singaporean male’s duty after National Service. I managed to get a $100 incentive (always can’t jump 221cm!) but I think I “de-proved” from the previous time. I am not those competitive-sports-kind of person and I am not a naturalist in physical activities. I exercise for leisure and for general fitness, have the stamina to travel around or hiking, etc.

Each time I attempt my IPPT, I always tell myself, “Train harder, get $200 next time” and I couldn’t do it. haha. I need to train harder and be more consistent this time.

Well well! At least I cleared it and it will not bother me when I am gone to Australia! My IPPT window ends on 9th November and I will be in Australia.

My shins are aching now, must be those intensive activities during IPPT. Oh, my number tag wasn’t read by the Gantry of my 2.4km run but thankfully I could signal to the PTI and he recorded my time manually. I just ran as fast as I could but I felt I was slower this time but still, managed to get my $100. Hehe.


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