The little things in life

Wow! 13 weeks of school is ending by next week. It had been quite a busy period for myself. But I am glad all of my major grading components are over, except for one last component due next Tuesday.

Today is the finale of one of my modules (In a form of an award ceremony), Management and Organization(Level 1 module). Our group project was supposed to help somebody and is titled Project Life.

Our group was nominated for Most Sustainable project and People’s choice(where in our own tutorial groups, we were being nominated as their choice). We didn’t win an award but were happy to be nominated. For being nominated for the Most Sustainable Project, we received 6 SHAW movie ticket vouchers. Gonna watch a movie together after exams. =)

Besides, the value of this project is in partnership with Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and Office of Estate and Development (OED). We were excited to map out wheelchair friendly routes for our special needs students. A lot of hard work, went to the same faculty a few times just to get it right.

Thinking back, if not for keeping my word, I wouldn’t have came out with this student initiative. My new found friend this semester, Adrian has special needs. At the beginning of the semester, he asked if anyone knows how to get to Business Block 2 level 2 from Computing blocks. Friends around him just said there should be a way but none promised to source out that route for him. I promised him immediately.

On the same day, I was going home and out of the sudden, my given word came back to me. I back-tracked a little and went to find a wheelchair accessible route for him. I even tried to be in his shoes, considering if the doors are too heavy and if the passageway is wide enough. From then on, I had this idea of mapping the entire school of wheelchair friendly routes and captured them on an interactive map – where users can click on a certain link-way to view a video and get an idea of how it would look like in real life.

Visit and you will know what I mean

I am so excited to explore places and routes and that was why I never find it a chore to complete this project. We only managed to cover 3 faculties comprehensively but will continue on after our exams. I am so excited to see what will be our final outcome! A small initiative, a small given word became something more as OSA and OED were engaged in this project together with us. Finally, I can attempt to imprint something lasting in my school before I graduate. (And will also be my last phase of being a full-time student)

Wherever I walk or travel in NUS, as if it was my profession, I will keep a look out on accessibility of routes, ramps and elevators. It’s just so in me! I can even dream of it when I sleep! It’s my passion, it was my idea. But I am glad I have got a dedicated team with me.

Talking about teams, I can never stop over-emphasizing the importance of your team members. They save your lives! Except for some, I can’t trust them to produce quality work. Informal networks are really powerful, and they can be more effective than formal ones, and that principle saved me in my academic life.

Alright, going full force for my last and final project and in one month’s time I will once again be free from official academic work and will be enjoying my PC games, my girlfriend, my time at home, try to develop my business idea and also to work on my current passion – wheelchair friendly routes in NUS.


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