If the next best marketing tool is people then what next?

I can imagine a time where we no longer search through search engines (because we will be numbed to the advertisements and the way search engines presents search results) or social media feeds (collective wisdom) but searching by other people’s searches.

A data model or a “role-model” to be modeled after some celebrity or famous person’s online social activities. So, whenever we want to search for something, we select someone whose profile and port-folio is of interest to us. Thereby the searches can now be contextualized.

I was also thinking when this is all possible and being a norm and when businesses who look for their own selfish gains will attempt to “buy” people so that when we search via their port-folios and online activities, businesses indirectly influence us. Even possibly, people can be groomed to become an online celebrity which can be manipulated by businesses.

In a world where consumers are numbed to advertisements and marketing efforts, friends and people are the next best marketing tools.

So when people were extensively used to endorse and be modeled after, and when we know these people aren’t acting according to their own lives but were merely manipulated by businesses, can we still trust people?

You will never know when no one trusts anyone because of selfish business objectives.

I am just saying, the world aren’t as innocent and sincere anymore. There will come a time people will cannibalize people and the value of a human being is way below someone’s perceived gains.

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