Do not despise the process

I remembered I posted a blog entry discussing on how people often look for the end-results and overlooking the value of a process to that end-result. This was suppose to be directed at a person maybe an employee, a scholar or a child.

Many a times, we fail to recognize the value of the process of a person’s life and we often seek out what he can do(end-result).

Well, I hope organizations will recognize the importance of investing in their people’s process and not condemn or despise them just because they couldn’t produce something the organization deemed as ‘results’.

It was a day of celebration yesterday(21st Dec). I out-done myself in terms of academic grades(this time round I got 4 modules in the A range and 1 module in the B range). But the real out-doing is my maturity and attitude towards learning. I never stressed myself out last semester. You can ask Princess how relax I was when I was studying with her. I am not suggesting that I am smart. I am suggesting that worry comes to nothing. Just study your best, no matter the outcome, you are still alive and you did not miss a single moment of life just by worrying or studying aimlessly.

I also attributed to the fact that I like the modules I am studying. Easily related to one’s life and real industries. I looked back at my third semester in NUS, I was like enjoying, sleeping at 11pm almost every weekday(thanks to Princess, because at least I found someone who values a good sleep and she reminded me of it). I also run 3 times a week. I should run everyday now. I hope I can do that.

Besides my delight in my own grades, I gave my mum one of the best Christmas present. My scholarship is still intact and that means less financial burden for her. (Actually for me, because I will be the one repaying the loan if my scholarship gets terminated). I thank NUS for not giving up on me when I couldn’t maintain the CAP. My CAP was utterly low in my first semester and what can I do? I have to fight as hard as I can.

And guess what, the most ridiculous thing I did was, I was even more relaxed than my 1st semester. Haha. I told myself, “Screw the scholarship, I want to learn.” Why should I be pressured and conform to the way people think about academic success? I define my own success and most importantly, I learn and grow in life’s process, not aimlessly chasing after an end-result DEFINED by other people.

After all, success is a journey. Not a destination.

O well, I collected my medical report too. Everything’s good. As usual, I was reminded to increase my HDL cholesterol. One of the ways is to exercise even more regularly. Alright, I will try to run 5 times a week. I try.

I took my Hep B booster (through my left arm, it’s aching now). My reading was 14, normal range is =>10. I was told that as years go by, your reading will go lower and you need a booster. It cost me $21.40 w/ GST. Ok, reasonable I guess.

I also learn that when we look at our own medical screening analysis. Do not just look at one number, you have to look at other components to determine the seriousness of the condition. In the report, numbers in BOLD and with an * means you are above/below the normal range. But, it’s only 2points more. Doc says this is nothing to be worried for. For example, sodium level went 2 points higher, could be because I was dehydrated, might be due to the 8 hours fast before screening test. I didn’t know if I can drink water, so I just drank less water. haha.

In the evening, the SIG gathered at Zit Seng’s office and we had our Xmas gathering. The poker cards drinking game was really fun. I controlled my vodka in-take as I was health conscious and I do not want to break the record of being a drunk-virgin. haha.

But the initial shot kind of really made me high a little but was okay when I had KFC together with the SIG guys. We ordered a KFC delivery. Damn disappointing, took almost 2 hours and the chicken’s not nice anymore and I heard they short-changed us one mash potato. Damn it. Mac or Pizza might be better. Haizz, KFC, please buck up.

Ok, back to work. School’s reopening soon and there is no room for complacency. I will continue enjoy learning and will try not to be conformed to what others think about grades, CAP or even studying methods. I know myself the best and I look at the big picture in life. I see some people studied like it’s end of the world. LOL.


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