How many caring smokers are there?

To start things in the right note, this post is not directed at criticizing any smoker.

Despite how much we disagree with smoking habits and addiction, we must look beyond the physical and look into their inner-selfs. There must be reasons why people can’t quit smoking. Like my dad, he had been smoking for so many donkey years, I think it’s hard for him to quit but he had reduced dramatically.

I think many things can be done by a person. No matter it’s positive or negative to other people. The motive and the inner-self behind their actions must be considered.

There are smokers who are really considerate, they will not take a puff when people are walking pass them. I appreciate that – despite the fact by holding on to a lit cigarette also releases harmful toxins into the air.

There are also many smokers who smoke with no consideration to other people. I remembered a Facebook page or group was created with the title: “I hate walking behind a smoker”

On its forum, one person whom I believe is a smoker retorted with: “Then don’t walk behind smokers la, no one asked you to do that what!”

I wrote back in that particular post: “We didn’t want to walk behind smokers, I believe some of us will try to overtake smokers but when it’s raining heavily, how can we overtake smokers easily?”

This reminded me of my experience while I was studying in NYP. That sheltered walkway. It’s like youngsters smoking while walking to school. Maybe they need a puff, granted, then do it while you are stationary. Like I said, if everyone show care and concern, the world will be a happier place.

There are a myriad of things we could do to enjoy ourselves, but in doing so, let us not forget about others. Like one quote puts it this way, “Be nice to everybody, everyone is fighting a tough battle”. I agree, at times I tried to understand the inner-self and motivation behind rowdy kids, ill-mannered people and hope to get on with life not being angered nor offended by them. Offence is a bait of Satan. Don’t let offences burrow deep into your soul.

There are caring smokers around, parents who didn’t want to harm their children’s health by smoking by their windows. But they forgot about other people’s kids, that the second or third hand cigarette smoke will be carried away by the wind to other people’s household. Then there is no where else for smokers to smoke!?
All I can say is, they can only do their best in containing their negative effects of smoking but the best is to reduce/eliminate their smoking habits and do good to themselves, to others and to the earth.

Easier said than done, I know. We can’t do much either. We can’t hate them but only try to avoid them. We hope they do not mind. If they have their own right to smoke, I hope they can understand other people’s right to avoid or cover their noses (without that angry face on them ofcourse).
By the way, our skin breathes too. Covering the nose is just trying to protect our lungs but we can’t protect our just-visited-to-the-facial skin, that’s the best we can do in this imperfect world right?

I was also reminded of how my female classmates in poly complain how the cigarette smoke will stain their hair. Just imagine, you had a nice and scented bath, you stepped out of the house for a few moments, smokers appear and well, your nice-scent became not-so-nice scent anymore. What can we do about this? NOTHING. Is it a crime, no? Is it unethical, it’s too far to be considered. You can’t expect a smoker to have imagine that the smoke he releases can cause so much inconvenience and harm, we can’t expect that from them. It’s too far-fetched for them.

The only hope is education, love-ones and government policies. To help them love themselves a little more and in so doing, would consider more for others and release less smoke to the environment. Loving thyself is loving others.

For those elderly, if they can’t quit, so be it. I don’t blame them because it’s an age-old habit and at their time, the ciggies they smoke are probably more natural and less harmful even without filters(weeds). Remember, filters were to reduce the harmful effects to the smokers and not to second hand and third hand smokers.

As for now, I really hope the younger generation would think for the next generation. The more we exploit the earth during our time, the less resources the next generation will live on with. Don’t just live for yourself, we often should live for the next generation and leave a legacy behind.

Help keep the earth and mankind going. Be considerate to your fellow species, to other species(animals), to your own earth, to yourself and to your love-ones.

Be Responsible. Be Mature.


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