What if my life was threatened?

Didn’t realize there is such rule in NUS: Fair enough, unless there are exceptional cases. Remember, rules are meant for guidelines and not absolutes.

“Students with outstanding library fines, tuition and hostel fees will not be allowed to access CORS. It is important for all outstanding fees to be settled at least three working days before the start of the CORS bidding exercise, to ensure that the login is successful.”

While I was bathing, I was imagining if there will be a day my life was threatened to divulge a secret password to a computer system. haha!
Then I was thinking, all top executives should have two passwords. A second password is used to alert the authorities that this system had been legitimately logged in under coercion. And we also know contracts made under such life-threatening situations can be voided. However, if they were to shoot at your precious belongings, that is not considered life-threatening. I think if they were to threaten you with your love ones, should it be considered life-threatening? I forgot..

Alright, 2nd week of term break now. Damn slack..

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