Exam week 1

Time’s a breeze. Finished two papers on Monday and Tuesday and I was out with Princess yesterday in the National Library(Bugis). And it’s Thursday today!

I think I do okay for my Marketing paper on Monday and I hope my argument and History concepts for my exam on Tuesday would help me sustain my B grade status.

Yesterday was a fun but tiring day, I woke up at 9 plus close to 10am today. Damn, when school’s over, I just couldn’t find motivation to wake up early even if I am way too tired. During school days, I was more disciplined.

As usual, Princess and I met up for MacDonald’s breakfast and then went to the library’s basement one. I read through my Singapore Politics lectures on my laptop while she read her Legal aspects in a Business environment. I took that module last semester, very beneficial module.

Okay, I know she’s a Princess but she’s not young either… she disturbs me by drawing smileys on my arm. WTH. And tried painting my nails with her highlighter. Sounded like I was studying for my O levels with her? LOL. Alright, I mean occasionally people get nostalgia. And being childlike isn’t the same as being childish. I believe she’s a mature person, considering interacting and talking with her.

We left at about 4.45pm? haha. Bad students, we couldn’t study anymore, might as well get out and get fresh air sooner. It was drizzling but Mr Rain didn’t drenched us.

Because of the drizzle, we took a train to City Hall. Walked to Marina Link, had Rock ‘n’ Ash fries. She likes the Wasabi/Mayo dips while I.. didn’t really choose. P:”I choose Wasabi/Mayo, you choose the other flavor”
D:”Hmmm…” P:”Oh, you want to try Chocoloate?” D:”Alright.. lolz”. Ok, if she wants two flavors then can just tell me, no need to hint to me. haha. LOL.

There was this other time we were at Tampines, at some Japanese foodcourt. She bought us drinks. One Apple and one Peach flavor. She didn’t knew which one to buy so she bought two flavors. She asked me choose, so naturally, I will choose the Peach flavor. And then she told me she wanted the Peach flavor. I was like, ok, then why bother to ask me. LOL. Women..

After fries, we walked around to digest the fries. We walked to Marina Square. Passed by some electronics and then spent quite a significant time at Times bookshop.

After thinking and walking, we finally settled down in this shop called “Bread of Life” ? It’s just opposite of Rock ‘n’ Ash (Marina Link). The food’s not bad and quite affordable. We had a long talk and an enjoyable one there. Oh, I forgot to mention I saw her Identity Card because I helped her to borrow a library book she found fancy of. LOL. Round and ermm.. cute face? lolz.. I just can’t help but laugh for quite some time. =)

After dinner, sent her back home. We decided to walk back and she was cranky singing songs loudly. What an entertainment. Her Karaoke button was switched on when we were at Bread of Life. Britney Spears songs was playing and she told me her favorite songs during her Primary school days were from Britney Spears. haha. Now, women has alot of buttons. I didn’t know of the Singing one. Interesting..

2 thoughts on “Exam week 1

  1. i am so worried that you will rush into marriage because of your age and next generation.
    Give your generation a good family, if you cant dun let them come into this world an
    suffer. see properly first.i cant take care of you forever.

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