1st day of reading week

Why is it called reading week? Exactly! At UNI level, you were supposed to read, understand and apply. Not memorize and vomit*. I know certain modules may require certain act of vomit but many if not most Uni level modules are essay-based and open ended. Woo, I like those. No absolutes, just like life.

Was a fruitful day yesterday at the NLB. Met Princess at Bugis 9am for Mac breakfast. She was quite confident I will be late because I told her I will be going for a morning run at 7am. But, I wasn’t late but 10 minutes early.

After Mac, we walked to NLB. Indeed, Bugis Junction is nearer to NLB not City Hall. Haha ok, I sua ku*.

We wanted to study at the Study Lounge at Level5 but it was already FULLLL house. We thought the library starts at 10am? Apparently we were fooled. Ok, we sua ku-ed together.

We went Basement 1 where the main library is. There already people queuing up and some uncles were kind of feeling edgy wanting to get in FIRST. Yea, look at the queue, being first is nothing. The queue isn’t that long! In the first place, there isn’t any queue, it was just some random crowd standing randomly. Weird thing was, an uncle stood in front of Princess thinking he successfully cut her queue. Ya right. There is NO queue!

So the main glass doors open, Great Singapore Sale!! Everyone HURRIED in as if life depends on it. Princess managed to get table seats while I went to the other corner realizing it’s for newspaper readings. I even saw this man carrying huge stacks of newspapers. Wow. Maybe the unemployed are really that studious in Singapore. Some people look weird and I was reminded how diverse our society it.

So we proceeded to study, at first it was noisy with school kids in the library(some outing for them). The experience was good overall. But we have to take a heavy breakfast and skip lunch as it’s inconvenient for us to go lunch. By the way, most of the people who shared the table seats with us went off around lunch time.

We went off at 5.30pm and there is this man still there. But apparently he had early lunch and came back. So, we were the gung-ho ones, we sat there from 10am to 5.30pm!

Dinner was at Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant at Bugis Junction. Very nice! I told Princess I can now start to appreciate nice, authentic and good food with her around since she’s such a guru in food. LOL.

After an hour’s dinner, we walked around Bugis Junction before walking to Suntec. She bought her $9.90 SanDisk 4GB thumbdrive. Damn, so cheap.

Sent her home and I went home.

Wanted to study at home today but there’s some hacking of road downstairs and I do not want to risk the whole day being disturbed. The environment at home is so nice. Windy and cooling, just those hacking! By the way, my home area should be very conducive for studying after this December where all construction is expected to be done. For now, I guess I will head to the library near Boonlay MRT since I need to go for my eye-check up and have a hair-cut.

*Vomit: in this context means you spurt all memorized contents without much knowledge application.
*Sua ku: a dialect we use to denote someone backward or simply “mountain tortoise”
*sua ku-ed: past tense of sua ku.


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