Happy Birthday Dav!

Oh well, another year older. Actually, age and maturity are not necessary causal. I believe I was deeply impacted in my third semester in NUS. The module on Digital and New Media marketing sparked my interest into social media. Politics in Singapore expanded my perspective on politics and the issues facing Singapore. Introduction to World History had just taught me how to analyze historical documents, how to identify patterns and appreciate the presence of Historians. Its lecturers especially, had taught me that in school, your primary concern is to learn and not to succeed with the grades.

My attitude towards studies is, “Screw the scholarship even if I can’t get those grades to maintain it!” I am here to learn and sometimes learning something deep and useful may cause you to fail your scholarship’s expectations. You may fail a standard, but in life’s standard, you are actually advancing. I also tried looking at life in an unhurried manner, trying not to conform to the grades-driven mentality. I know it’s important to succeed academically, but I choose to be confident with the knowledge I gain, the creativity and talent I have and the perseverance I developed to maximize my potential. Ofcourse, if you can enjoy learning and get good grades, why not! But all in all, don’t let the grade-consciousness poison your own conscience!

I had two dates yesterday(My actual birthday). My first date(Princess) and I went to Pornsak’s restaurant called Porn’s? Located at Liang Seah street. The Thai food is really nice I must say. Kind of like it a lot. Ofcourse, if Princess likes the food, it will never go wrong.

We arrived earlier at Porn’s, 10 minutes before 1pm(Princess made the reservation), and it was real packed. We were told to come back at 1pm. Haha. Like it made a huge difference. Yes, it did made a huge difference. When we came back from Shaw Towers(tried to buy movie tickets, realized cinema’s gone), the place was 3/4 empty. LOL! All those working adults rushed to have lunch from 12-1pm. Oh ya, I hate to be restricted. I really like those flexible lunch times I had as a Cisco Intern. Come on, rules are effective only when your staff can be productive with those rules. If not, take those restrictions away and let your staff be creative and productive!

Yup, so we had Pineapple rice(NICE!), Green Curry(Very fragrant!), Deep Fried Tofu(Very very nice and it most likely caused a pimple near my eyebrow) and Omelette Prawn(Wah, oily but nice).

After lunch, we walked back to Shaw Towers to get ice-cream from Tom’s Palette. Nice ice-cream, I was told there is no milk inside. We took our ice-cream and walked to Suntec. While walking, Princess was crazy about her ice-cream. She just look like a kid rocking her head back and forth happily while savoring on her ice-cream.

We bought 3pm show to MegaMind cartoon movie. Very funny show. haha. I was kind of touched again when Roxanne accepted MegaMind. I know it’s cartoon, oh well, this proves I am still a man. A man CANNOT be made of iron(very old stereo-typing and very foolish saying), because human were designed to feel emotions. All I can say is, a man must be made of iron when it comes to challenges but if he can’t takes it, he must be allowed to release negative energy and emotions and then move on.

A winner is not one who NEVER fails, but one who NEVER gives up.

After movie, I sent Princess back. Met one of Bryna’s ex-member(?) while we were walking around in Tampines Mall. He just called out my name, extended his hand and shook my hand,”Happy Birthday Davis”. Ah, so nice of him. I mistook his pretty sister as his gf. Damn.. hmm..

I came back to Tampines Mall after sending Princess back and I met Sheldon Neo- My long lost buddy in the Navy. Haha. He must be missing me so much, keep scolding me for losing contact and telling me he often asked his juniors where I disappeared too. Guess we will be meeting In December. Good to have good buddies around in life. [Sheldon Neo just msn me! That’s so coincidental!] I admit Sheldon Neo is a little cheesy and gentle at times, but he is a good guy. He’s gonna marry his long long long time gf next year. And guess where he proposed? In Aaron Kwok’s concert, when he was singing a love song, he shouted the magic words. Damn.. how romantic huh.

After dating Princess, I met FYZ. Wahaha, she’s attached liao la. I really enjoyed the fellowship with her. From knowing her as a stern lady to a good friend I can rely on. We went Central’s Waraku. Had a good chat about everything from politics to some funny ideas about heaven and hell. Oh btw, it was her treat for dinner.

We then took a train to HarborFront, took bus 30 together and went separate ways.

Speaking about friends, I had lunch with Maja(From Poland) and a french guy and Marco(Mexican) joined us at Arts canteen. Had a short chat together and afterward was alone with Maja. She talked to me about her internship experience and how she studies. I was quite inspired by her, in her country, she is considered very hardworking, to study for an exam for 2days. Usually, many study the night before as they believe in FOCUS and their confidence in their own intellect. And she also emphasizes on R&R. Wow. I like that. Amazingly, Polish citizens do not need to pay for their school fees. Wow, I double like that. LOL.

I was also offered UNSW for my Student Exchange Programme! Yea! thought I could get Manchester. Haizz. Btw, our marketing’s group report got an A+. YEA! My group members include Rizal, Kai Tun, Samuel, Marco and Maja.

Now it’s the exams!! But hey, don’t get too consumed by exams, FOCUS like how Maja(Pronounced as “Maya”) believed FOCUS can do. Don’t forget the bigger things in life – love, friends, health, spirituality, food and fun!


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