A blank mind yesterday, a thoughtful mind today.

-Lessons in the morning-
There are two kinds of motorway congestion.

1. An accident in the middle of the road or expressway.
2. An accident which had been cleared to the shoulder of the road.

This is not new to all of us. With regards to point number 2, why is the traffic so darn slow when the accident had already been removed from the center of the road! Well, driver would drive slowly just to get this “once in a lifetime” view of the accident. And PLEASE, to all drivers out there. Drive safely and considerably!!

-Some rant-
My mind was blank yesterday when I sat in front of my laptop after I reached home. I had a long day. I woke up around 7am yesterday to continue drafting my speech for Oral Presentation.

On the whole, we did well as a group. I often didn’t have time for a proper meal whenever I am in school. Okay, not always. I had raisin and nuts with milk, and 2 pieces of bread in the morning but I can feel the hunger as the day saps my energy away. And my best foodie friend? Bananas. LOL.

Some guys in NUS are polite to say ,”Sorry or excuse me” [I appreciate that a lot!].
For some, think they are the kings in NUS. When will guys learn to be more civilized? You have the brains, but you do not have what it takes to keep your brains useful! I tell you people, I can be polite and gentle, but don’t get me fed up. I have a talent, yes, I have the talent of being a perfect 2 sides of the coin.

-Lessons in the afternoon-
Attended History lecture. I always enjoyed these lectures. It’s not just about facts of the past. It’s about being retrospective and teaches you how to analyse current events based on history. Prof Dubois made a bold and impactful statement to the class (at least to me!).

“You are here to learn, not to succeed”

How true is that! I wish I could say, “Screw the scholarship! I learn at my own pace and I try my best to keep up with the competition, but that brainless competition ain’t gonna take over me! And.. I have time to develop my business ideas that pop up in my mind frequently.”

Ya right, easier said than done. However, I always believe I learn at my most relax state. By reading a book, a textbook without the thought of, “oh gosh, when’s the next test”. Tests are good to cement your concepts, they are meant to help you review what you have learned and force you to apply it. However, they are very time-limited.

With time-limits, limits creativity. I prefer projects because it gives you time to think. And in real life, industries take on projects. Yes?

A poem I thought of in 2 minutes? haha!

You are here to learn, not to succeed.
Take time off, cool off the heat.
Listen to music, be upbeat.
No point standing around, take a seat!
No point worrying, worry only gives you a kick.
Be steady and be in control.
Do not win the world and lose your soul.


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