Pest control

Quick updates:
It’d been almost 1month before I have the time to update the blog.
It had been 5 weeks since school started and the pressure is building up.
Made new friends in school. Had a change in my life about 2 weeks ago. It’s time to move on.

Pest Control:
I feel as if I am a foreign student studying in Singapore. Washing, Cooking, Cleaning all by myself. hehe.

I have to beat a small cockroach and an unknown insect to death in my living room yesterday. Oh well, pests and human just can’t cohabit. Simply because we have different habits. The most traumatizing one was this small cockroach in my wardrobe. I took a face towel preparing to go to the toilet and small this thing dropped on the floor. Arrg! I believe it’s good training for me. We encounter these living things so much lesser than the olden people use to encounter that we were somehow afraid, skeptical and hating them.

I usually roll up few pieces of paper together to smash them before I dispose their soul-less bodies. Oh well, I don’t think they have a soul in the first place. If they did, I would have negotiated with them on how to cohabit with me! “Please get the food bits on the floor and then get out of my house.”

Wish I could tell these ants too that are patrolling my room door as if I am the King or something. I have to thumb them to death whenever I see them. It’s getting lesser or I believe they get the idea: “Davis Li the King do not eat in his room AT ALL, there are no food in his chamber.”

I suddenly got the interest to read the Straits Times as regularly as I could. It has double edge effect.

1. It will help me in the modules I am taking currently and I believe everyone especially an undergraduate should be well-versed in current affairs.
2. I can roll the newspaper and whack pests to death.

So far, I had been running 3 times a week since school’s had started. Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. I also try to avoid poultry but occasionally pork or chicken, perhaps once to twice a week. Mostly I will choose fish. The truth is, it’s kind of a hassle to cook your own meals – without my mum around in the house. Oh, unless I cohabit with a virtuous girl; maybe I will get home-cooked food everyday.

Enjoying my modules! Well, even if I don’t; I have to. But seriously I find it fun and not so stressed up about it. I do not want to gossip about how other students behave in class. I just find them quite irritating. People who always want to flaunt their knowledge and charisma or taking revenge on someone/group because a group/someone gave some critique about them. Come on, we are all MEN. We aren’t supposed to be petty.

Wanted to run once in the morning and once in the evening. Reason: I had an banana split ice-cream yesterday after my Salmon fried-rice at K-Gourmet (PGP). Ah, what a motivation to run. However, the skies warned me that it is going to rain and I took the chance to enjoy this relatively quiet morning to do my work and be productive. I found out I might be as workaholic as my mum; she works even on holidays. Yea, me too. I will only relax and rest when I am worn out by work and have a mind-block. Otherwise, nothing will stop me from working. I had lesser sleep this week trying to handle 3 major events in school. One, a mock interview which comprises of participation marks. Two, a discussion that is part of the overall 20%. Three, a 10% marketing assignment. On top of that, need to start coordinating and prepare for our major assignments which comprises of 20% and 50%; different modules.

Life’s gonna get more “exciting” in October where so many deadlines will be at. Better start early; lest I will be that insect got crushed by academic essays, projects and workload.


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