Walking Spree!

Yesterday(Thursday), I had finally sent my age-old COMPAQ Laptop (I believe it’s about 10 years old?) to Hewlett Packard for disposal. The customer service officer told me they will scrap the machine and extract useful materials for recycling. I hope they will really do that.

I took bus 30 to Prince George Park(Hostel) to collect the laptop where Shi Wei helped me to safe-keep it. I went to PGP’s Non-aircon canteen and had a short chat with the drinks stall auntie (We had been on good terms since I was in PGP about a year ago). I ordered a grass-jelly drink and told me it’s her treat. haha.

After the catching up session with the drinks stall auntie, I started my journey to Alexandria Road, TechnoPark; where HP service centre is located.

I walked out of Science Park road and took the bus 200 route from Pasir Panjang to South Buona Vista road. It was a good exercise for me and a pleasure to my adventurous spirit. Armed with a pair of dirty green cargo berms and a old white colored “French-connection” round-neck tee-shirt, a laptop bag with the 3-5kg laptop, a water-bottle, my Freakonomics book, a face-towel and one packet of tissue and a bottle of hand-sanitizer. Most importantly, a pair of good running shoes.

I took 80minutes to reach Hewlett Packard Service Centre from Prince George Park.

Above map from www.gothere.sg

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