Re-discovering my passion in life

Alright, I know it’s “summer” all year round in Singapore. I begun describing NUS 3-month long vacation as “Summer vacation” because of my Indian hostel friends. I believe we can call our vacation in December “Winter vacation”.

I don’t know if I can call my summer vacation fruitful. I was all excited to take on the CCNP Paper 1 but I realized I couldn’t do it. Apart from learning new things, I have to recap and practice on the older concepts. Moreover, my interests in the technicality of Technology is waning. I came to realize I prefer more of the socio then the techno aspects. Talking to clients, providing accurate consultancy, serving the customers with a heart, etc; compared to programming and facing the machines all the time.

I thought I like IT and Computers and found my passion in life. I got my first desktop computer when I was 12, Internet connection when I was 13 (33KBPS). I learned how to deal with a computer glitch in a hard-way. At age of 15, be proficient with HTML and maintaining a webpage is a BIG deal. Right now, anyone can create a nice looking and dynamic blog or webpage!

At the age of 15, knowing how to use Microsoft Word 97 is a BIG deal. I wrote down every technical/software encounter I had in my computer diary; and that’s how I learn to be IT-savvy. When I was a secondary 2 student in Hong Kah Secondary school, I was attracted to a group of students surrounding a computer screen with a Microsoft lecturer sitting in-front of it.

I walked around and discovered they were all trying to find an error in a body of programming codes. I joined the search and instinctively raise my index finger pointing at a syntax error. What shocked me at that time was that I have NEVER learned C Programming and I do not know its syntax! I just found that sentence of code weird and pointed out hoping to hit the bull’s eye! And the lecturer did agreed with me and said, “why didn’t I see that?”.

The students and the Microsoft lecturer were from the school’s Computer Club. Only Express Stream students were allowed to join, I was a Normal Academic student back then. [I believe that boosted my confidence in programming and thought my passion was really IT programming, perhaps I missed the forming years of my mathematical foundation and thus struggling with higher levels of programming skills]

After being officially IT-trained from the days of ITE to a Polytechnic; I thought I could go through NUS in a more comfortable position. But I am wrong, it is very mathematical and intense; only for the “hardcore” logical and mathematical student is able to do well or even survive the curriculum.

I found my strengths in presentation, report writing(not the language but the content) and modules which involve management, research and out-of-the-book style, innovation and critical thinking. I most enjoy modules which require students to think about daily mysteries. -Something we relate in our daily lives.

There was one night where I couldn’t really sleep, I accidentally found my secondary school report book and discovered I had always been scoring well for History, Science and Geography. If I hadn’t been academically lost when I was 15 years old, perhaps I am reading a Science or Arts module now. haha.

Well, life is always moving forward; I believe I can still find my interests and strengths in the IT industry.


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