Shanghai Day 12-25Jun2010(Fri)

Last night in Shanghai. I woke up at 0230 this morning to catch Denmark VS Japan. Impressive win from Japan. I didn’t expect their free-kicks were so good. Personally I feel Slovakia did a very good job against Italy. They actually out-smarted the giant Italians. Also, Japan out-smarted Denmark by tactics and dead ball situations. This goes to show Asian countries are catching up, countries who used to be weak in sports are catching up. And one last thought, the ball is round. haha.

After watching the match, it was already 0430. In about 15 to 20 minutes time, the sky lit up, making me awake! However, I still went to sleep at 0515. -Initially I wanted to watch Obsessed from HBO at 0515.

Woke up and fixed my aunt’s wireless router security settings. It was quite frustrating because I can’t find the technical support number for Kingnet. Called the office and they asked me to search its website for technical support. You know what’s the problem with Kingnet company?! Their English version of their website is so much less informative than the Chinese version. *Applause*, how great is their desire to reach the English world. haha. I finally navigated myself to the Chinese version of Kingnet website and slowly decipher the characters and found the technical support number! However, the number is not in used. Maybe I don’t know how to dial some China numbers. China is so big, China is not just Shanghai!

I called the Shanghai office and they instructed me to dial the same number to their office and dial “103” to get to the technical support. Yay! I did it! One more frustrating thing, the Internet Explorer did not display the Chinese characters probably after I logged into the router via web interface. I searched the Internet a little bit and tried to change the Encoding options and I got it done.

Originally, I didn’t want to go out at all. Just slack at home. Instead, Mr Fan took me to find a toy-flute for my mum. Couldn’t find it at Yu Bazaar or some market near the Yu Garden area I went yesterday.

Ended up, Mr Fan bought a real Chinese flute from a music instrument shop at Fu Jian road. Came back at about 3pm and been at home until now.

Flight’s SQ0833 departing for Singapore at 1635 and will touch down at 2150. Finally, heading home and resume my busy Singapore city life. (Especially one more month before school starts)

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