Shanghai Day 11 – 24Jun2010(Thu)

After a tiring trip to Expo, I nearly feel like staying home on Thursday. But I decided to make my exploration trip to Shanghai as fruitful as possible. It’s like an achievement for navigating this place on your own and covering distances on foot while taking pictures for memory’s sake.

Album for today

This time, I went to Yu Garden. I don’t think I covered every inch of this tourist attraction place but walked quite a bit, took some pictures and made some bargains.

I bought two key-chains which are attached to a Sneaker shoe with a clock inside. At first the offering price was 38RMB by one of the stalls. How can such a thing cost about SGD8! No way. I know that these kind of stuff should cost around $5 in Singapore, I am going to get below $5 below I buy. I went to this particular stall and the lady offered me RMB35. I kept quiet and choose the one I want before I slash the price. I saw one particular one and ask her for a new one. I continued choosing as I was undecided on the design, I took quite a while actually. I believe that really established some kind of a presence and pressure there and I know they are well-experienced and aggressive to any kind of customers. So in the end I offered her RMB20 when I decided which one to buy, she said RMB25 is the lowest. I walked away and she then agreed to RMB20 but she asked me to buy two. Alright, I don’t mind though; so I bought two.

There was this particular Indonesian man beside me seemingly trying to bargain and a little loss because of language barrier and the lady kept saying “NO!” “NO!”. LOL

I asked the lady what happened and she said the guy wanted to buy at RMB10 per piece(same thing I am buying).

He overhead the bargaining process of the lady and mine in Mandarin but I doubt he can understand. So, I offered to help him and told the lady to sell him at RMB20 since she sold me at RMB20. I then told the man in English and the lady made a deal with him. If I am not wrong, the guy is buying 5 to 10 pieces. The lady thanked me in Mandarin. haha.

That’s the most successful bargain I ever did on my own and now I feel a little more confident bargaining in China. Well, I am just a beginner.

After walking blindly, I found myself to The Bund and took some pictures. Again, I am feeling real hungry and my legs were aching. I gym-ed one hour 2 days ago and my body is feeling sore and “shiok”. Especially the abs, it gives an uncomfortable feeling even when I sneezed.

I walked myself to the nearest subway, East Nanjing station. Before I take the subway, I went to 353 Plaza to have lunch. I ate MacDonald’s and it didn’t feel as great as Singapore’s. The ice-lemon tea is sparkling water and lemon syrup. Fries isn’t salty and I like that. Burger seems sloppy. Little lettuce, small chicken patty and flat burger bread. Arrg, KFC should be better in China but not in Singapore I guess, comparatively speaking.

I went to the shopping mall’s toilet to wash my hands before I take a leak. I saw this man beside me at the sink, lighting his cigarette. Sicko. I just gestured my way out and felt relived I didn’t have to bear his atrocity.

I went up to the next level’s toilet and before I enter, I saw this Chinese punk smoking in front of the sink. I was so pissed off. It’s air-conditioned shopping mall for goodness sake! I nearly wanted to scold him but I didn’t dare because I am in foreign land.

Went up to the next level and finally, smoke-free toilet. I then took the subway from East Nanjing Road station to Dashijie and stayed for about 3 hours in Shanghai Times Square(Pu Xi’s). There is another Times Square at Pudong which is nearer to my aunt’s residence.

At People’s Square station, the train towards Dashijie overshot it’s position and guess what? They still opened the doors anyway. The driver didn’t reverse back like Singapore train do. Some reasons why I believe they didn’t bother. They do not have reverse capability which I doubted so. They just didn’t care and allow the passengers to find and squeeze their way through the cabin doors. In fact, the first few doors of the train wouldn’t be accessible to the platform yes? I can imagine passengers have to make their way few doors further up just to get down safely.

Wanted to watch a movie but it will be too late to meet my aunt at 6pm. I

I walked around and finally decided to rest myself at Honey Desserts. Ordered a Durian pancake and one sago-mango-bla bla.. don’t know what is it called. Taste pretty normal, nothing special. Just wanted to rest my feet. 2 weeks of walking and walking.

After rest, I walked opposite to buy fruit juice. Pear and Peach juice. Tastes great!

I then walked to CharterHouse and browse its English books. Was browsing for some Economics books and feel so excited about them. I copied down the book title and author’s name on my hand-phone and hopefully I can get them after I decide which one to buy back in Singapore.

Met my aunt and her driver came to pick me up at about 7pm outside of Shanghai Times Square. During waiting time, I saw a car parked outside of Shanghai Times Square, on its pavement. Bravo. You do all sorts of things in China and they don’t feel it’s illegal or ashamed. LOL.

My aunt and I went to take a short walk at xintiandi, it’s like a night pubbing place and alot of olden building structures still kept in-tact.

It was drizzling and the floor was wet and thus we didn’t spend much time there. We then wanted to visit Grand Hyatt Shanghai Hotel to have a drink and enjoy the aerial night-scene view but it was foggy and the highest section of various buildings disappeared into the fog.


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