Shanghai Day 10 – 23Jun2010(Wed)

Expo 2010 was a great experience but the waiting time to enter into different pavilions was really a turn off. But we got to understand, it’s a world affair and the crowd from China is always great.

Album for the day: Mostly Expo 2010 pictures

I took a cab from home to Entrance 5? There are many entrances to the Expo site. You need to walk a distance before you reach the security check area. Along the way for security checking, defined boundaries with metal movable railings were in order. There were also over-head shelter tents covering the open area, in case the queue was long enough to be queuing at the open area.

My feeling is that when the place is really crowded, there are plenty of space for the queues.

Alright, didn’t know drinks cannot be brought inside. I opened up my Pocari Sweat and bottled down half of it and threw it away. I didn’t bother about the other mineral water and placed my bag through the X-ray machine. I was then asked to step through a metal detecting arch and got manually scanned by a female inspector. She felt something protruding from my left jeans’ pocket. She literally grabbed the wallet from the outside and asked if it’s a wallet. Next, she grabbed hard on my two hand-phones on my right jeans’ pocket and ask if there were 2 hand-phones. After she asked, I have to show it to her. I was rather surprised because she just grabbed. I mean what if she grabbed the wrong part of my body? =D

Due to a confusion at the X-ray machine, I just took my bag away knowing that they already alerted the other staff that there was a bottle of water inside my bag. In China, or rather in Shanghai; you just have to be aggressive. Haiz. Where is the age-old civilized manner and attitude of the Chinese went to?

The expo site is really HUGE and is really boring and un-motivating to walk around or queue up for different pavilions. My greatest regret here is being alone exploring Shanghai. If my mum were here, she may not be able to catch up with my pace and energy; so I guess a young energetic friend with me would be great. haha!

Talking about my mum, I was reminded of my wish to provide a comfortable life for her. Seeing how fortunate my grandmother is, having such a capable and well-to-do daughter(my aunt); I also want to provide my mum with cable TV so she can watch her favorite Cantonese Hongkong dramas, I do enjoy these dramas as well.

I also want my mum not to worry about money anymore and have a comfortable and fruitful retirement in her life.

Ok, I will not talk much about Expo as you can just see the pictures yourself. It will be great if you have a group of friends queuing up for HOURS to get into a pavilion you want to go. Queuing alone is just, lonely and meaningless. Instead of queuing 5 hours to get into Japan or Korea’s pavilion, why not work hard and earn the money to tour around these countries in future.

So, I went to pavilions that has the least queue and pavilions(countries) that I know I will most likely not have a chance to visit for a holiday like Africa, North Korea, Timor Leste etc.

I see some people cutting queue by climbing over the railing that guides the queue into Lebanon pavilions. I also saw an old lady being carried out by the security guards out from the railing as I believe she tried to cut queue as well.

There were many Expo volunteers around the site to guide lost participants. Also, there were many broadcast speakers around the site. Periodically, they will broadcast the estimated waiting time to different popular pavilions. Korea and Japan had a very long queue, approximately 5 hours. Wow. Sorry, I am not queuing for that, ALONE. Those popular pavilions like the European countries like Germany(5 hours of waiting), Spain, Saudi Arabia(7 hours) Japan(5 hours), Korea(5 hours), China and even Singapore has a big pavilion by themselves. For those countries whom I believe have a tighter budget or have less resources, set-up small pavilions combined with other countries and call it for example, Asian Pavilion One, Two, etc. Africa being a very big continent, has all its countries in one big hall and each country has their own smaller area.

Wanted to visit Israel, I thought the queue wasn’t very long as there was a great gap between those nearer to the entrance and the longer queue bended somewhere else; ill-luck, the bended longer queue is the remaining queue. So well, I took pictures from the outside and thankfully Israeli pavilion was like a glass dome, able to have a glimpse from the outside.

There are also broadcast to reach lost friends, children or tourists. However, I observed a funny thing. I heard the broadcast in Mandarin searching a Japanese fellow friend. I wonder if the Japanese tourist understands Mandarin in the first place! Oh well, I thought they should also follow up with an English broadcast just in case. LOL

An English translation found outside Netherlands’ Pavilion: Welcome in the Netherlands.

After walking non-stop and spending about 5 hours in Expo, I gave up. I wanted to find a place for lunch and I don’t want to lunch at Expo because it will be more expensive. There are many different cuisines in the Expo site as it also boast an international cuisine fair.

I took a metro train from Shibo Avenue to Madang interchange and change to East Nanjing. Had Korean food from 353 Plaza for SGD5 dollars.

Walked around, got lost finding a museum and decided to head home. The map I bought few days ago didn’t accurately illustrate where that museum was, I believe it has shifted – based on my Internet search when I got home.

My blog posts are getting less detailed as I feel I am tired exploring almost everywhere on foot and alone. But I like the feeling, being in a foreign land figuring out my own way.

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