Shanghai Day 9 – 22Jun2010(Tue)

I woke up at 0530am in the morning thinking it’s 0700am! Shanghai’s sunrise is around 0450am. Hoho.

Didn’t went out to the streets today. Resting for tomorrow’s Shanghai Expo 2010 visit. I was thinking of visiting only 8 pavilions but due to the queuing, I may need to narrow my list.

Zone A:
Kyrgyzstan -> Don’t think I will go there in my lifetime, who knows?
Afghanistan -> Don’t think I can go also. haha.
Israel -> Religiosity and curiosity.
Japan -> Like their mannerism and creativity
Iraq -> Interesting place to visit, seems out-of-bounds to tourists?
As long places I think I can’t go in near future, I will visit their pavillions.

Zone B: Singapore! Must support. I saw their pavilions on China Central TV, looks nice.

Zone C: Germany -> For their technology and engineering. Not for their beer.

Zone D: Cisco -> I believe that is Cisco Systems, Inc from USA. You know the top few dream organizations I would like to work for after graduation.

I went to the gym and spent about an hour in there. 37Minutes on the treadmill and the rest training my arms, thighs and the core. After that, I saw a mother and two daughters feeing the swans at the garden pond. The animals were so cute. I then walked pass the Free Life Zone and walked pass a quacking duck and three swans making some soft noises. Now, what sound does a swan makes? Hmmm….

Relaxing day for me today huh. I hope tomorrow will turn out a good day for me. I heard the crowd was incredible at Expo and the queuing time is long manz. Thankfully, I got trained at CHC. LOLZ!!


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