Shanghai Day 8 – 21June2010(Mon)

Album for today: Mostly French Concession Area – Architectures and Buildings.

You can use this picture to roughly guide you along when I mentioned the street names I was at.

It was a busy day, a lot of walking and navigation. From 1000 till about 1630, was either walking or standing.

My objectives today were to walk the French Concession area like Fuxing Road, Shaoxing Road and Taikang Road. I didn’t make it to Taikang road because I miss the direction southward but instead went north east. But to my surprise, I followed the signboards and went into the Former Residence of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen and spent about an hour inside following a volunteer tour-guide whose English is quite good for a Chinese National.

It was an interesting day because I had a map printed out and it wasn’t very clear so I have to travel by instincts again. (Funny thing was, I only managed to get a English Shanghai City Map in the evening from an English book store located at the basement of Shanghai Times Square).

My first stop was at Changshu Road Station. I got off the wrong exit and walked the wrong direction towards Central Huai Hai Road. I should walk southward towards Central Fuxing Road. When you are on the road and you do not have prominent buildings to guide you, you often do not know your NSEW directions. I should have a compass with me. haha. I realized I went the wrong direction when I arrived at Central Huai Hai Road, it was lunch time at around 1150 and I saw many working class people on the pedestrian pavements.

I made it to Fuxing Road, and started going Westward(West Fuxing Rd), stopped at Huashan Road and backtracked along the way toward Central Fuxing Road. From Central Fuxing Road, I turned into South Shaanxi Road to get to Yongjia Rd and accidentally walked north of Rui Jin No.2 Rd because I was following the signboards(Tourist attraction road signs are in BROWN) towards Former Residence and Museum of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. Before I came to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s former residence, I passed by Gaolan Road and into Fuxing Park and when I came out I continued to walking towards the former residence and spent about an hour inside. I was so dumb that I didn’t see there is Student Special price of $5RMB(1SGD), I paid adult fare of $20RMB(4SGD). Also, I was told to drink one mouth of water from my bottle to prove that it is water. HAHA! We can’t take photos inside so I secretly took a short video of the first section of the residence. Actually, upon entering in; it is NOT the former residence of Dr Sun Yat-Sen but his neighbor’s donated house made into a museum to commemorate Dr Sun. The furniture, books and household tools of Dr Sun’s former residence were all in-tact and we need to cover our shoes with plastic covers before entering in.

After getting out of Dr Sun’s former residence, I hit back to Rui Jin No.2 Road and switch direction travelling on Jianguo Road before taking a cab from Sinan Road to Pacific Department Store near South Huang Pi station. Hungry and tired, cannot take it anymore to walk to the “nearest” subway station so took a cab.

Upon arriving at Pacific Departmental Store, it was 4pm; close to the peak hours. Walked to Shanghai Times Square and freshen up abit. Went up to BroadBand International Cineplex and bought a ticket to watch Robin Hood showing at 1840. I then went down basement to look for food, was turned off by one restaurant because of the smokers’ corner inside and you can smell it from the entrance of the restaurant. I then went to its neighbor restaurant and settled down there for lunch cum dinner. I ordered Miss Macau Fried Rice. It has pineapples(They call it “Poa Luo” and not “Feng Li”), prawns, egg white and beaten egg yoke. And LOTS and LOTS of rice which I can’t finish. I saw two diners requested a plastic container to contain the remaining rice. I didn’t follow suit because I think I won’t have the appetite after movie and I don’t want to contribute another plastic garbage for the world.

I then went to CharterHouse Booktrader, also at the basement. Bought some books and feel so satisfied. The books I checked online like Kinokuniya Singapore; cost slightly more than the ones I bought here in Shanghai. I also believed certain books aren’t sold in Singapore at all. I bought one City Map of Shanghai for $16SGD(That’s expensive to me). One Adam Smith book titled Wealth of Nations, an Economics related book which cost $14.40SGD. That’s cheap! There humorous books showing the signboards and advertisements around the world and one book in particular; showing China’s signboards.

I had encountered three such signboards. For example, they meant “This way to continue”; they translated it as “Please continue inspection”. One door sign was meant to say, “No entry to male”; they translated it as “Into the men’s free” and another one in Century Park – “Caution, falling into water.”

Well, we all can laugh; and I did laughed alot (albeit not in mockery) when I look at these signs but there is something which we need to think about. What happened here? Why would big shopping centers have such translation mistakes. Why did the Chinese take these translations so casually?

The movie was nice and I suspect there might be part 2, I hope. The cinema was very small (I was at the very back of the cinema hall) and the cleaners look unhappy when I stay on for the movie credits at the end of the show. Fierce huh. lolz. Anyways, they do not operate like Singapore cinemas. The main entrance to all the cinema halls were not guarded by anyone asking you to show your movie ticket but at the very entrance of your cinema hall. I was puzzled and the main entrance staff was puzzled when I tried to show him my movie ticket. LOL

After movie, took some pictures of the night scenery outside Shanghai Times Square and took a cab back home for 17RMB($3.40SGD). We were listening to a radio broadcast of Portugal VS North Korea. “Sadden”.

Watched 2nd half of Chile VS Switzerland at home on China Central TV. I always favor the underdogs but too bad; in as much as I visualise a 1:1 score for the Swiss, Chile won by 1 goal. Most probably, I will be watching Denmark VS Japan on 25th 0230AM Shanghai-Beijing-Singapore time. We should support our Asian race in the World Cup. It had always been dominated by non-asians. Haha. It’s our time now, the Asians’ rising.


3 thoughts on “Shanghai Day 8 – 21June2010(Mon)

  1. the poa luo rice looks yummy. u have eyes wide & small stomach, no wonder u cant finish rice, cus of the drink u are eyeing on

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