Shanghai Day 7 – 20Jun2010(Sun)

Album for the day -> Mostly Century Park pictures.

If you had realized, I had been back-tracking my blog entries as I was too tired for the same day to blog. [You can hover your mouse to the high-lighted words to see a preview of the photo linked to that word]
We call this Site Preview. I supposed your Site Preview is ON by default.]

Today was a work-out day with Aunt. Early in the morning at 9am, we took Mr Fan’s car to Century Park. It was one of the recommended places to go in Shanghai and I had the chance today. Aunt and I jogged-walked around the man-made lake(3 Meters deep). After we arrived at our starting point, I went to run the second round. I took about 10 to 11 minutes. So I guess the perimeter of the lake is less than 3KM.

At the third round, I was walking around to take pictures of the park. Nice park I must say and the environment is cooling(because it was drizzling as well). Aunt told me that Chinese people are Night Owls, they sleep late and wake up late. She told me she wasn’t surprised the park wasn’t very occupied in the early morning.

When I am nearing to the end of my walk, Mr Fan and Aunt found me and I hopped into their rented “Leisure Park Bike“. I don’t know what is it called actually. You will only see this kind of transport in parks.

We rode one more round and took pictures along the way. After returning the bike, Aunt and I rented a Slow Motor Boat. These motor-driven boats has only 2 gears. Advance and Reverse, also a STOP. Very very slow. Perhaps for safety. It is a small lake after all. We slowly motored on the lake. We made one big round then to the middle of the lake before heading back. While heading back, we will go underneath a bridge.

After a morning in the park, we came back home and bathed before heading out to Crystal Jade(At Hongkong New World) with Grandma(Wai Po) to have lunch. It was a full lunch and so our dinner was only cakes from a shop called Ruby(Hong Bao Shi). It tastes really good, not too creamy and feels light for the stomach. Aunt also prepared lemon tea with royal jelly and real bits of lemon inside.

Mr Fan also gave me a ticket to the Shanghai Expo and a Travel Ticket Card for travelling by Subway or Taxi. so nice of him. The picture here shows a Century Park entry ticket, Expo entry ticket and a travel card (Similar to our Ez-link card)

I also learned something new about China. There is something called “Fa(1) Piao(4)” which is the official receipt of China. In order to prevent Chinese businesses evading government tax, it is required of them to issue official receipts so that the business transactions were officially recorded. I heard there are fake official receipts to counter this. Mr Fan said that China is a kingdom of imitation. Haha, not surprised. I will also call China the kingdom of smokers and of rude traffic manners. LOL. Where was the graciousness of ancient China? In the ancient times of China, their worship to Shang Di(God) was similar to the Jewish’s – Thus they were one of the more morally upright people on earth thousand of years ago.

As I learned about the official receipt, I discovered I can use that to bargain for a cheaper price next time. [If I knew about it earlier!] Aunt told me that in certain cases, you will be asked if you wanted an official receipt (On some occasions, you need to claim some expenditures from your company,etc); the manager or waiter can choose to negotiate with you that if you do not require an official receipt, they will give you a discount. In order to avoid a 30% tax(example), they will be willing to give you say 5%, 10% discount? Fa Piao is only available if you spend 10RMB and above.

[This post was completed on 22nd June 2010, 0626AM. The sky was so bright; like 7.30am in Singapore when it’s actually only 0530AM when I woke up to visit the toilet. So, decided to complete the post; upload pictures and perhaps head back to sleep while waiting for pictures to be slow-loaded to photobucket]


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