Shanghai Day 6 – 19Jun2010(Sat)

1. An outing with Aunt to the outskirts of Shanghai called Zhu Jia Jiao.
2. Lunch @ Simply Thai
3. Hong Qiao International Pearl City, first level is famous for imitation branded goods
4. Carrefour for simple groceries shopping

Album for the day.

You need to pay like 15-20 RMB(?) to get through the customs travelling from Shanghai City area to the outskirts. The ride is quite long but not too long. About less than 45 minutes I suppose? It was a hot weather but not as bad as Singapore’s. We just did sight-seeing and walked into some shops looking at handicrafts. The specialty of that place is their handicrafts and view of the old age buildings. The people used to live by the river and it was remained in-tact as a tourist attraction. In fact, if I am not wrong; I do see people staying in small houses but not many I suppose. These tenants I see are really very old people.

We patronized a shop along the way and they helped me take a picture with the river and a “sampan” boat as background. The picture was then imprinted onto a cup we chose. I had to carry the cup along the way for it to cool down as the image was heated onto the cup. A good souvenir from Zhu Jia Jiao.

Walking along, my aunt and I bought some handicrafts. I bought one wooden casing mirror for mum and three hand-phone decorative key-chains. My aunt bought some cloth as wine bottles’ gift wrapper from another shop along the way. Oh, the first purchase was aunt buying a pair of decorative figurines.

We walked past a few shops selling “Stinky Tofu”. The smell is really quite strong. To those who like it, it is similar to those who like Durians. Personally, I like Durians but have not tried Stinky Tofu yet. Maybe I should try them soon.

Towards the end of our sight-seeing, I saw a granny selling chickens for 10 RMB each. They are live chickens!

After getting back from Zhu Jia Jiao, we went to a place called Foreigner’s Street (Lao Wai Jie 101) to have lunch at Simply Thai. Lao Wai Jie is situated at Hongmei Pedestrian Street. It has both eastern and western cuisines like the Japanese, Italian, Thai, Mexican, etc. True enough, I do see quite a number of Lao Wai in the area. It was a hot weather yesterday and so we didn’t see the usual crowd of Lao Wai sitting outside the bars at Lao Wai Jie.

Haha, my favorite place of the day. All thanks to Mr Fan that we got a good bargain for the stuff we wanted to buy. I bought another exquisite mirror(2 SGD) for my mum and a fashionable ring(4 SGD). After a short search and bargain, we bought two bags which I really like a lot. One small back pack for light travelling, as the one I brought over from Singapore is getting spoiled. Another bigger one for travelling with my laptop and for school use. I seldom have such nice looking bags that I am really proud of. Both bags cost 40SGD.

At CarreFour, I got a a Luggage Bag. You know those bags with wheels and a handle, etc. Haha, first one in my life. My aunt said it can be used for travelling overseas in future like business trips or overseas exchange programmes,etc. We also had a short discussion about an internship at her company as the IT department is thinking of developing some E-tools. Either I can stay in Singapore as a “correspondent” or I can come over to Shanghai and stay at her place. To be honest, I am really excited about it. And I hope there would be such a chance during next year’s summer holidays. (3 months from early May to early August)

Some other stuff: I didn’t know that I should address my Grandma as “Wai Po” instead of “Po Po”. When I address her as “Po Po”, it is the Cantonese pronunciation but to a Chinese, it sounded the Chinese way of addressing your mother-in-law. LOL. Ok, I learned something.

Also, we crossed over from Pudong to Puxi via the Nan Pu Bridge. I heard from the driver that the words were written by Deng Xiao Ping. I don’t know whether the driver meant that Deng Xiao Ping wrote the words on top of the bridge or he meant that after Deng Xiao Ping wrote the words in calligraphy, it was imprinted on the bridge. Do search for the images of Nan Pu Bridge.

Lastly, would like to thank my aunt for being so generous with me. A sponsored round-trip air-ticket to Shanghai. Free lodging at her house and gave me pocket money for shopping and travelling around in Shanghai. On top of that, I didn’t pay a single cent today.


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