Shanghai Day 4 – 17June2010(Thu)

Woke up at 9am as usual. Had breakfast and watched Shuttle Island on the DVD player in the living room. Wanted to go for gym and then go out to search for electronics stuff but ended up only going to the gym. Shuttle Island seems like a psychological drama and I like these kind of movies. Makes you think and if you find friends who watched it, you can discuss it with them as a topic. You know those investigative and intellectual conversations, I like them… haha..

The peak hours in Shanghai is 4pm to 7pm, as mentioned on the Internet and so I decided not to go at 2plus as it will be kind of a rush.

I came back and decide places I would want to visit and I think it’s quite a sufficient list. However, that means I will need to go out at about 10am without the gym session. Anyways, my muscles are aching; time for some rest. hehe, lazy me.

I will be heading to the Shopping malls selling electronics stuff. I seen these recommendations from the Internet or from pamphlets I collected on Tuesday.

Metro station “Dashijie” for Shanghai Cybermart. It’s actually at Huai Hai Middle Road near where my aunt is working. Just visiting these malls and see what’s being sold there.

I had a confusing but exciting time figuring out where to go and where exactly it is. I had been using these two websites to help me. and

I was also deciding what to base my route upon. Do I follow the metro train station route or do I go according to my interests? So far, I decided to visit all the recommended malls known for selling electronic stuff tomorrow and I must tell myself, “Nothing above 150RMB if it’s supposed to be cheap stuff”.

I will also set a day to find Foreign Bookstores (Note the word, “Foreign”) that sells English novels and hopefully programming books. Next, I will go for sight-seeing like museums and streets (Eg: French Concession) which I figure out my Handphone must be fully charged and I will need to spend one whole day. I will also base my route on different cinemas that shows English films and also cinemas that are historical. Lastly, I wish I have the energy and time to visit the 3 known Universities of Shanghai, ask whether there are any Exchange Programmes. haha. Funny me… Oh, according to Wikipedia; 3 prestigious Universities of China based in Shanghai are JiaoTong, Fudan and Tongji. I realise Fudan is the least accessible by Metro station.

alright, gotta sleep early, gotta visit malls that sells electronic stuff tomorrow and who knows how long will I take. Oh ya, I don’t really watch World Cup; so I can sleep early. Besides, my grandma likes to watch Hongkong channels for Hongkong Dramas till 11pm (Seems like I can only catch 0230am if I want to). Sometimes I watch them with her, I actually like their acting and language. Oh well, I can understand Cantonese but dare not speak it in daily life.

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