Shanghai Day 3 – 16June2010(Wed)

This should be the small posting related to my Shanghai Trip. My previous post was more of a self-inspired write-up.

At about 3pm, I went down to the Gym. Along the way, I took pictures of the park and pond of Shimao Riveira Garden Condo. Is it a classified as a condominium? I think so.

Oh I forgot to comment that alot of dog owners would bring their dogs to the grass fields and allow these cute animals to do some sport. By the way, I saw quite a number of Golden Retrievers. You know la, big house; big dogs. haha.

The photos on the park and the pond can be found on my Photo Bucket page. It’s really a nice park and pond.

I had also taken a live video of how the pond looked like. There are real swans and ducks. [If you didn’t realise, the words “live video” is colored, click on it. It’s the video.]
Listen to the birds chirping around too.

Like I mentioned before, China banned its Internet users accessing into Facebook. Otherwise I would have uploaded the pictures there.

Anyway, there’s a private lift straight up to the house. There is a separate lift where visitors without card-access can use but they are let in from the inside of the house.

Meaning, there are two doors. One door is facing the visitor’s lift, another door which I call it the private door leads to the direct entrance of the house. The private lift is in between these two doors. Cool huh.

Private Lift and door

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