Life is as good as its soil

It’s was supposed to be titled: “Shanghai Day 3” but I learned something great today from a Taiwanese Drama called 命中注定我愛你, a comedy romance also known as Fated to Love You / Sticky Note Girl / Destiny Love.

I woke up at about 20minutes before 9am. After having breakfast, wanted to rest awhile by watching TV before heading to the gym. Ended up, I was glued to this Taiwanese drama because it reached one of it’s peak. It was when the female lead Chen Xin Yi was leaving Ji Cun Xi, the male lead. The acting was so good I was moved in my heart as well. But hard to believe there is such a girl like Chen Xin Yi that exists – Always thinking for others and ended up ill-treating herself. It’s hard to find such true love on earth.

Anyway, the lesson I learned was from this Art Master called Zhong Shan Long. He was consoling Chen Xin Yi about her heart-breaking experience and he told her that every memory, experience cannot be erased at all; instead, remember it and use it as fertilizer to enrich your life.

This visual excerpt can be seen from elapsed time 34:28 to 35:10 from here

Every story in our lives becomes a form of fertilizer to make our soil(heart and life) more fertile to produce better things in life.

I was quite inspired by this analogy and thought it’s worth-while writing about it.

I never despised my mistakes and my failures, albeit sometimes it’s embarrassing; albeit it is disheartening to see how people despise your mistakes.

The worst time in our lives is when we are in the transitioning period of from a failure to a success. It seems no one would understand or support you and kept on nailing on your past wounds, yet in our hearts we know for sure; we’re going to make it.

The waiting period is like waiting for the seeds in your life coming into fruition. Make no mistake about it that as we grow older and transforming our every bit of mistake, experience and hurts as life’s fertilizers; the seeds no matter how harsh the environment are will eventually become a big tree.

After you are successful, do not forget how you arrived. A sense of arrival isn’t your destination. Every tree you grew out of your past, it serves a purpose of providing shelter and food for people around you. Do not be satisfied with only one tree(success), there are many needy places you need to plant trees at.

I am trying to say that my hardship will feel nothing when I know I do not just live for myself.

I always earnestly try to prove to others that a person’s life story and character should be the cornerstone of every scholar selection, academic admission, job interview and every decision choosing the right partner, etc.

Stop looking at paper qualifications and academic records only; they are only a gauge of how well a person can perform academically(a controlled environment in school). You got to see how well they perform under real-world pressure(which some schools will simulate using presentations, projects, research) as well as pressures such as their family background, difficulties and financial burdens.

We want resilient, mature and strong employees, scholars, students and organizations. Not people looking good on paper but entirely ignoring their character development. That’s what happened to the world nowadays, financial fraud, etc.

I remembered the bible mentioned something like this, “People would rather believe the lies of rich man, then wise words of a pauper”

What’s the conclusion of this post?

Firstly, there is nothing wrong at being rich and powerful, but our character must be able to handle and amass these wealth properly and doing good to the society. I feel teachers at every education level should not just review a student’s academic performance but they got to learn how to decipher a child’s psychology, talent and background so that proper measures can be taken. Every child would feel wanted and their potential can be tapped to the fullest because the environment of a child’s seed,transition and harvest phases are important!

Secondly , If I can suggest changes to the Education system

  • Correction to the child’s character, habits and behavior;
  • Realize his academic needs and help him.
  • Have a program that recognizes the student’s outside activities and allow him to gain extra-co-curricular points for his transcript. CCA(What we call it in Singapore) are called Co-Curricular-Activities, they aren’t called , “School’s Co-Curricular-Activity”. Whatever the student does regularly and extensively outside of the school, give them points! Include them into their transcript and feedback!
    Fourth: Interview scholars not on their achievements, ask them real-life questions; Emotional Quotient questions, presentation skills; life experiences and not relying only on IQ questions.
    Like in the movie “21”, the male lead was attending his scholarship interview and he was asked,

    “Everyone has the grades you have, [Everyone can achieve academically as you do], so; tell me what makes you jump off your resume page, what makes you dazzle?

    Easier said then done. I believe every educator must be trained not just in teaching styles, but how they relate to their students.

    With that, I compose this quote; “A true mentor will not just impart skills, but brings out the best of his student.” -Hardly seen in this fast-moving world. That is why I really admire the Chinese culture as it emphasizes on educating people of moral values and human mindsets.

    Lastly , people need to be thrown out into the real world and learn how to be strong themselves. As a Singaporean, I feel I am well-taken care of by the government. There are times I hear of others criticizing and blaming the government for this and that; why not be contented and fight for your own. I am a good example of how education segregation has done to me. Because I was a late-boomer, I have to go through a technical school, into a polytechnic and finally into National University of Singapore. I am older than my mainstream peers.

    If someone would know I can actually make it to University and gave me an earlier second chance, but because of my given situation; I failed the academic system at that time. However, I must thank this strict Singapore academic system, it was because I failed this system that I woke up from my laziness and aimlessness in life. Remember, make every failure your fertilizer to grow better things in future in your life.

    Do not despise humble beginnings, do not despise your youth; do not despise your God, do not despise yourself; do not despise your past, do not despise your failures.

    They are all ingredients to your success.


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