Shanghai Day 2 – 15June2010(Tue)

Like I planned, I will upload all the photos onto facebook only when I get back.

I didn’t realise the sunrise at Shanghai is around 5am. The forecast for this week is 0450 daily. No wonder when I woke up at 6.20am, it was already as bright as 8am in Singapore.

Ofcourse, being the lazy, aimless and school-holiday-ing undergraduate, I went back to sleep and woke up at about 9am. Had banana and a packet of milk for breakfast. I went to the gym, ran 2.4km on the thread-mill, did some sit-ups followed by the “rowing machine”. You know you like you are on a ship, pulling back and forth a heavy ore? I was feeling hungry already, insufficient breakfast; so I did some weights on both arms and head back.

I had a bath and went out again. Took a taxi from the Condo to DongChang Station, I am really puzzled how they charge, they just charge a flat fee of 12RMB, which is about SGD2.40. Like wise when I came back, it was the same price. It is much cheaper than Singapore Taxi! Flag-down rate is already SGD2.8 or SGD3.0, worst; I remembered I innocently boarded a Mercedes taxi, SGD5.00!! My goodness, my destination was NUS’ School of Computing, what a way to start school huh.

I learned how to buy the ticket for 3RMB which is SGD60cents to travel from DongChang Station(Nearest to the condo I am staying at Wei Fang Road) to Nanjing East Road Station.

Tap the card on your right hand side of the turnstile, you really have to turn the turnstile which was the same in Singapore in the past. Your bag got to be scanned by a placing you bag into a machine which I was told was just for show because of the Expo.

When you alight at your destination station, you feed your card into a slot to get out and your card is gone into the machine. Unlike Singapore, you have to go to a machine and claim your deposit back. This time, scanning of your bag.

One interesting thing to take note, Chinese Nationals like to cut queue, a little aggressive. I think it would be nice if they are considerate to other people. I was buying ticket back to DongChang Station, I was already cut by 2 people coming in from my left side. I saw a couple trying to come in from the right, I just stood closer to the one in front of me, and ended up they got into the queue as well.

Alright, as I do not know where to go; no map with me though. I just turn right and walked, walked and walked till I didn’t realised that I was at Huang Pu river. In fact, the condo I am staying is at Pu Dong, which is on the side where Oriental Pearl Tower is. I walked till I was at the opposite side of Huang Pu River, meaning I am at Pu Xi.

Ok, I think I walked myself to The Bund. I walked along the Bund, in the direction of Monument for People’s Heroes. The Bund is also known as Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (East Zhongshan 1st Road). It is a famous waterfront and regarded as the symbol of Shanghai for hundreds of years. It starts from the Baidu Bridge, which is at the connecting point of the Huangpu River and the Suzhou Creek, to the East Jinling Road and winds a 1500 meters (less than one mile) length. Walking along the Bund, which is at the west shore of the Huangpu River, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower can be seen on the opposite side and also the Jin Mao Tower.

I am looking at the map now, so I have a better idea where I was heading. Now I know all the places of attraction are all within the Huang Pu River area. You can see the map from here.

Took pictures from The Bund and then nearly lost my way back to Nanjing East Road. There are various Expo Volunteer stations to direct and provide information to tourists. Don’t be surprised some Chinese nationals (not Shanghai-nese) were also asking for directions.

I found my way and walked back, I visited some more shopping malls but I feel it’s bored to shop alone; especially you are here for sight-seeing and not much spending power to enjoy shopping. I take it as a exploration experience.

I finally rested myself at a local foodcourt inside Plaza 353. They called it “Canteen” there. I bought Singapore Hokkien Prawn Mee(Shanghai style).

It has cuttlefish, pig’s liver, pork, some vege, more beaten egg; the green chili is sweeter than Singapore’s. It cost me 25RMB, 5 dollars; it’s normal in Singapore though.

The foodcourt environment is clean and looked good, with TV playing repeat telecast of Holland VS Denmark.

I continued walking and shopping, tried to walk to Nanjing Road West, but I guess I walked till around Sofitel Hotel and turned back. After all, I did walked all the way to the Bund and back. I shall explore Nanjing Road West another day.

Hmm, end of the day. I will be going gym in the morning and then go out in the late morning.

Travel tip (Erm, I know you might know it already; it’s just my learning point here):
#1 Always set a budget to the items you want to buy, otherwise; you won’t know where is your limit to bargain around. You might think is cheap for you because you are a foreigner, but when you compare price and the actual product, you need to re-think the real worth of it.

#2 The food is relatively cheap like I saw Japanese,Korean,etc Food set lunch at about 35RMB, 7 Sing dollars only. MacDonald’s, KFC, I think they are the same price as Singapore.


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