Shanghai Day 0 – 13June2010(Sun)

This post was not meant to be “professional” as I keep my wordpress posts more on less-nonsense issues.
Just wanted to blog like a casual blogger for this trip.

Woke up at 6am in the morning so I can catch a 7am train to Changi Airport. One big blue Deuter backpack and one hand-carried travel bag containing 10 heavy dumplings! I feel so “backpacking” and the feeling was great. Somehow my morning was a little ruined. I have to travel back home because my mum and I forgot to contain the dumplings into a plastic bag to further insulate them from heat. I was already traveling in the mrt train. =(

Oh well, ended up taking a cab and had a casual talk with the taxi driver. I always talk to taxi drivers. Can learn things from them and be exposed to all kinds of experiences and mindsets.

Alright, reached airport at about 8.15am? I tried to print my boarding pass through e-ticket number but I forgot to jot down the number. Little did I know, I can actually just present my passport at the counter while checking in my baggage, and get my boarding pass. So DUH right. The staff didn’t even taught me that, I DUH him then. I had to call up Cass and ask her to access my email for me.

My check-in baggage weighs 5kg. Imagine 10 dumplings weighing about 5kg. I have some other light stuff inside the bag also la.

It was quite a smooth journey from the airport till I arrived at Pudong Airport. There are few things I find interesting. At the “X-Ray” scanning machine area, I saw about 5 people standing there observing the screen? Hehe. My aunt got her driver to pick me up and along the way, I saw a man unzipping his flyer (I supposed) with his car pulled up by the road side. Wow.

Next, I saw a man and after that a woman selling car equipments like windshield on the road when all cars have to stop at the traffic light. I asked the driver a relatively dumb question in chinese, “What are all those big strings hanging up those towers?” Actually, I know la, they are power lines. I am telling you, there are many many of these towers and lines! Why? He told me the place we were at was used to be a “village”, near-the-sea area so it was recently developed to be modern. Hmmm, interesting… I never seen overhead power lines in Singapore, I only seen overhead telephone lines in Commonwealth when I was younger.

After a long ride, we arrived at the carpark of my aunt’s lodging place. On the way, the lobby floor was wet, really wet. I saw 3-4 cleaners cleaning, washing and chit-chatting. In Singapore, we don’t see WET floors, I mean really WET floors and without a warning sign board. But is ok la, we just pace ourselves carefully.

After arriving, I was given a quick orientation to settle me in. The room I am staying is really nice and cosy. Will be up tomorrow morning to orientate myself around the estate.

Kinda excited to travel on my own by their metro station trains. I heard many places of interests are near metro train stations. I also would like to try the Maglev train. Oh ya, EXPO! Must visit!

One down side in Shanghai, twitter, facebook, youtube, metacafe, even some proxy servers(trying to beat their system) are all banned sites. I think their great wall of china(Internet speaking) is really quite powerful.

I also bothered to talk to people on MSN because simply, no facebook, twitter and because that’s the only cheapest way to keep in touch with my Singapore friends. Haha.. well, brought 3 books and a bible over…


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