Degeneration (Caution: A little religious)

We often refer to the word, “Generation” as the next cycle of people, life, etc.
Often point towards something futuristic. But I think we missed the whole point.

We can add a prefix “de” or “re”. It seems like our society is going in DE-generation.

Where is Righteousness? Where is Honesty? Where is Integrity? Mind you, we aren’t born being dishonest. We weren’t taught to cheat or lie in our lives! (Although some parents do teach their children that). Would you teach a child to lie over spilled milk? No, chances are, the child either lie his way through(although futile) or he blames others.

By nature, by this order of the fallen world; generation after generation are DE-generating. The only thing we can do is to regenerate our spiritual lives. Instead of giving birth to flesh, give birth to spirit!

These recent times staying in hostel, I came to realise how frustrating and irritating people are by not being responsible. Just taking up personal responsibility seems like an impossible task for every man and every woman.

If you caused a spill in the fridge, clean it. Well, I took his/her responsibility by cleaning it. After you eat your packed food in a study-room, discard it. If no one is using the kitchen, off the lights and fan! We like to draw very very personal boundaries and draw lines of responsibilities.

During examination, off your phones; wear a mask if you are coughing seriously. Why did epidemics spread like wild fire? People! The weakest link on earth!

I don’t like rules, really. Well, it was supposed to be prohibited from having food in a study room yes? But I don’t mind so long you throw your trash and open up the windows to let the food smell diffuse away. Why are there such rules, because human by nature are negative and irresponsible and cannot be trusted to operate without rules. I can see these flaws on myself too!

To me, rules are not meant to be kept. They are meant to guide and educate. Is that the reason why I offend people when I do not observe their norm or rules?(Personal implication, not related to this post)

Must we always feedback and remind authorities or people in charged to do this or do that? Where is the initiative? Would you dare to leave your belongings in the study-room and go for a leak? Can you even trust the person to look after your things without you even saying? Yes, I do! We ought to be keepers of one another in the first place!

If you happen to be in the same room as me and you left the room for awhile, I take it as my initiative out of my tuned human nature to guard your laptop.

I will take it my responsibility to recycle recyclable things. We as inhabitants of the earth ought to be responsible for this earth right?

But I am disappointed, I am thoroughly disappointed; who can I trust to do a good job? How can I trust a stranger? This generation is really degenerating. I am amazed at God’s love and tolerance(even towards me).

Didn’t God feel disgusted by the filth of this earth? Yet knowingly, He pushed his only Son to take up the responsibility which originally was ours! You might be able to feel how God must have felt if you take responsibility over what is not your fault at all. What is this love? What is this love-story(Christmas story)?

Someone once asked me what if the whole Christianity is a hoax?
I gave an impossible reply, “Well, I gladly live and die for such a wonderful story.”


2 thoughts on “Degeneration (Caution: A little religious)

  1. You will see more of this irresponsible people when you work full time. My sch has many. Who know you will mix with the same kind of ppl one day. They are ppl who love the earth.

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