I do enjoy economics very much especially psychologically and socially related but I dislike the calculations and statistics. Haha.

Lessons learned from one day:
1st Point: What’s the point of bringing your water-bottle for a 40 MCQ one hour test? I don’t think you even have the time to blink your eyes. When I was at around 30 plus questions, the lecturer announced ,”7 minutes left”. What the heck. That’s the first time my heart beat so fast. LOL.

2nd Point: You need to know your textbook and concepts inside out, you don’t have time to gather your thoughts. Talking about how intense NUS papers can be.

3rd Point: When you feel the lecturer is asking you crap, try to look for the needle in the haysack by inference.

4th Point: Be patient, be kind, be understanding. There will be students who give you black faces, stinky attitudes because they are just so stress. One such guy sat behind me. But I believed he didn’t did it on purpose to give me that black face. My breaking point was when we were allowed to leave, he just pushed his table to the front obstructing my chair. I just looked at him, and he walked away.

5th Point: Don’t be too blur to switch off your HP. It’s distracting when it happens to ring inside your BAG!

6th Point: People are drawn together by ‘mysterious forces’. Saw Yingbei’s brother outside the exam hall before exam started, exchanged numbers.

7th Point: Always have your  name cards in your wallet. Met this girl from Science on Thursday when I was consulting our lecturer on Econs. After we left the office, she asked me a question on Econs and we wished each other all the best before we parted. Met the same person outside exam hall after the exam. Exchanged contacts.

8th Point: No harm having more contacts!

9th Point: Be friendly to everyone as much as you can. Smile,greet or thank the bus-drivers. I know some drivers have black faces. But hey, make their day, smile and pat at their shoulder, they like it especially the NUS bus drivers. You are adding value to their transportation service.

9.5th Point: Because of friendliness and the boldness to engage people, you can get some benefits from it. Yesterday went down to Non-Aircon Canteen for lunch, spoke with the Chicken Rice auntie and she gave me corn soup for free. In the evening after my Econs mid, went back to the same stall to order chicken rice. They charged me the usual price plus extra chicken(Fried and Chicken Wing) – Then again, partly because they are closing up for the day.

Be Economeek:  No harm being meek and friendly, we may need one another one day in this Economy.

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